Who is RockinBeauty’s CEO and Founder Lydia Marcos’ Husband- Everything You Need To Know?

Who is RockinBeauty’s CEO and Founder Lydia Marcos’ Husband- Everything You Need To Know?

Lydia Marcos' Husband. Photo Source: LinkedIn.

Meet the founder and CEO of the RockinBeauty, Lydia Marcos, whose personal life has always been a topic of interest. Many want to know who Lydia Marcos’ husband is, and we got you covered.

The beauty mogul has always been hush-hush about her personal life. But today, in this article, we are here to put some light on RockinBeauty’s founder’s life beyond the beauty industry.

Know About Lydia Marcos

  • The brand RockinBeauty was founded in 2015.
  • Lydia Marcos also co-founded NextGen Beauty.
  • Marcos worked for huge name companies like Chanel and Christian Dior Couture prior to founding her own brand.

Who Is Lydia Marcos’ Husband?

It is quite undigestable to see some people still living their life more away and less on social media. But the CEO of RockinBeauty is not keeping up with her social media.

Lydia’s last Instagram post was about 4 years ago, in 2019, and has been MIA but not really. She used to be active on Instagram but not anymore.

Even though she herself has not posted anything lately, her friends are giving us updates on our favorite makeup brand creator.

Before answering the question about Lydia Marcos’s husband, let’s get to know if she even has one.

The RockinBeauty CEO has never come forward and let us into her private life. From the looks of it, she is still single.

There has been no information whatsoever about Lydia Marcos’ husband or her love life. It is quite possible that she could still be single.

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Rocking Story of RockinBeauty

The boss lady, Lydia Marcos, founded RockinBeauty in 2015. It is a company based in West Hollywood, California.

Marcos intended to revolutionize the beauty industry by creating a brand that delivers health benefits to the skin.

RockinBeauty is a state-of-art makeup line infused with top- tier ingredients that boosts the production of collagen.

One of the most popular and loved products of RockinBeauty is its lipstick which comes with an LED light-up mirror. Talk about convenience.

Lydia Marcos's Partner
Lydia Marcos’ Husband. Photo Source: Instagram.

The product was received well by many, and consumers loved the idea, plus the formula of the product as well.

Every year, hundreds of startups get launched in the hopes of occupying the spot in the market, among them, only a few succeed in grasping a position in a market.

However, even with the low publicity, RockinBeauty has succeeded in staying in business and is considered one of the successful brands.

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Why Is RockinBeauty So Popular?

In today’s market, most brands focus on quantity over quality. But in RockinBeauty, quality has always been the top priority.

Marcos talks about how most makeups are only temporary cover-ups, and her mission is to not only focus on covering the flaws.

Lydia intends to create a line of products that prolongs the effectiveness of both the skin and well-being.

RockinBeauty is paraben-free, animal cruelty-free, non-comedogenic, hypo-allergenic, and fragrance-free. In short, it is everything one wants in their beauty product.

Apart from all these, another major factor that makes Lydia Marcos’s brand so popular is its affordability. The prices and creative colors are always a plus.

You can find RockinBeauty on the brand’s website or at retail stores like Forever 21. Other retail locations are Gloss 48MGM Grand Spa, and SLS Hotels.

RockinBeauty has been gathering a notable amount of money over the years. According to Zoominfo, the brand’s revenue is $5 Million.

It is indeed inspiring to see women entrepreneurs succeeding in their ventures and setting an example for the newer generations.

The market is competing against one good brand for another, and RockinBeauty is sure for the long run. We send our best wishes to RockinBeauty founder and CEO Lydia Marcos.

Also, we look forward to knowing more about Lydia Marcos’ partner and her love life.

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