What Does Lancôme Founder/Perfumer Armand Petitjean’s Son Armand M. Petitjean Do?

What Does Lancôme Founder/Perfumer Armand Petitjean’s Son Armand M. Petitjean Do?

Lancome Founder Armand Petitjean's son Armand-Marcel Petitjean. Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons.

The French luxury brand Lancôme was founded in 1935 by Armand Petitjean. In this article, we shall talk about Lancôme founder Armand Petitjean’s son, Armand-Marcel Petitjean.

While many already know about the founder’s story, nothing much is known about the expected heir of Lancôme. So keep reading until the end to learn everything we know about the founder’s son.

Get To Know Lancôme

  • Armand Petitjean founded Lancôme in 1935 when he was fifty years old.
  • Petitjean collaborated with Francois Coty, who taught him perfumer’s subtle art.
  • The name, Lancôme was inspired by a chateau named Lancosme.
  • Lancôme started with five fragrances.

Not Interested in Lancôme 

Most people go for their family business or walk on the path their ancestors paved. While this is not wrong, some beg to differ.

Founder Petitjean put his whole heart and soul into his brand Lancôme, but the succession was the topic of concern.

Lancôme founder Armand Petitjean’s son, Armand-Marcel, was never interested to work for him, whom he called a magnificent tyrant.

Maybe Marcel had his own other ambitions, so he decided to pursue his own passion instead of continuing his family business.

Even though his own son refused to carry the torch, Armand was relieved knowing his grandson, Jean-Claude Petitjean, was to be his successor.

Jean was a perfect successor of Lancôme as he used to accompany his grandfather everywhere, studied perfumery at the factory, and even learned ten languages.

Armand Petitjean’s grandson was also an accomplished sportsman and was being brought up as the future Lancôme Superman.

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In Difficulties, Hold Onto Certainties

With hard work, passion, and dedication to create a high-end luxury brand, Armand worked tirelessly for many years to come.

The brand image was being built, and its popularity grew over time. Women fought for Lancôme lipsticks in a carefully crafted golden mold.

Armand Petitjean's descendant
Lancôme Founder Armand Petitjean’s Son Armand-Marcel Petitjean. Photo Source: Wallpaper Flare.

Twenty years after founding Lancôme, while the sun of fortune was shining high at Petitjean and seemed never to leave, the rain of despair fell.

Armand Petitjean’s wife died in 1955, and while he was grieving for the loss of his companion, his adored grandson, who was set to take over Lancôme, decided otherwise.

When it rains, it pours. On top of all the personal complications, Petitjean had some difficulties in his business as well, leading to the company’s critical financial situation.

The reason behind Jean-Claude leaving his obvious fate is still unknown. It could be that he, too, found another passion.

Hence, with no successor on the line, Armand Petitjean invested his own fortune along with Lancôme’s to build a new plant in Chevilly.

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What Path Did Lancôme Founder Armand Petitjean’s Son Took?

Life tends to push us toward the edge, but whether to hold on or jump, that choice is always in our hands.

Despite the difficult situation, Armand never gave up on his vision and continued working on the completion of his new plant.

But when the debts started to mount up, the director of the company’s bank contacted Armand Petitjean’s baby boy for his intervention.

When the threat of being cut from all the credits was raised, Armand-Marcel had no other choice but to step up.

Armand-Marcel was a writer with no business experience. But he took over the company from his father with the immediate inauguration of the new plant “Versailles de la Perfumerie.”

Despite the initial rejection, fate laid certain circumstances that led Armand-Marcel to become a successor.

Armand-Marcel spent the next three years adapting to the new responsibilities, and with a better insight into the situation, the Petitjean family came to terms with selling the business.

Even though life as a Lancôme successor was short-lived, Marcel did all he could to the best of his ability. As a father, Armand Petitjean must have been proud.

Among many suitors to buy Pettitjean’s brand, L’Oreal succeeded in acquiring the company in 1964.

The founder of Lancôme lived a noteworthy life. He died at the age of 84 on September 29, 1970, leaving behind one of the leading French brands.

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