5 Ways Milani Cosmetics’ CEO Mary Van Praag’s Net Worth is on the Rise

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Gender Female
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Country of Origin USA
Source of Wealth Milani Cosmetics

Meet Mary Van Praag, the CEO of Milani Cosmetics, whose entrepreneurial spirit and inspiring persona have caught the attention of many.

As a CEO of one of the most popular beauty brands, many are curious about Mary Van Praag’s net worth, which is on the rise. Keep reading until the end to learn the reasons for her rising income.

5. Started Off As A Sales Lady

Mary’s success story is quite inspiring. She used to work as an Avon lady and eventually worked her way up to become Vice President of sales at Revlon’s Drug Channel.

Praag has also worked at other famous beauty brands like Johnson & Johnson. She worked as a Vice President of sales strategy and customer marketing.

Ms. Praag took every experience, whether good or bad, as her learning chance and always had a positive attitude.

Mary’s job as a sales associate must have earned her a significant amount of money but more than that, the experience gave Praag an insight into the retail business.

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4. General Manager of COTY

Mary was also a General Manager of the multinational beauty company Coty Inc. in 2008. She worked at Coty for over 7  years before joining OPI Products Inc.

Praag kept on honing her skills and developing her portfolio each year to be a successful businesswoman leading the beauty market.

The estimated pay for a general manager at Coty Inc. is about $171,759 per year. Even though it might not be the exact pay received by Praag, we can have a vague understanding of Mary Van Praag’s net worth.

3. Was a CEO of Perricone MD

Looking at the career record of Mary Van Praag, one cannot help but be impressed by her expertise in the color cosmetics industry.

After working as a general manager for almost a decade, Mary embarked on a role as CEO at Perricone MD. Her role as CEO led the company to newer heights.

Under the leadership of Mary, Perricone MD expanded distribution to over 20 countries and led the prestige skincare brand through digital broadcast and international expansion.

It is only natural that Mary was paid handsomely as the CEO of Perricone MD. This is another reason for the rise of Mary Van Praag’s fortune.

2. President of Intimate Apparel Group

Ms. Van Praag joined Soma Intimates in 2017 and worked as President. Due to her noteworthy contribution, Mary was awarded the 2020 FEMMY Innovation Award.

Mary Van Praag's net worth
Mary Van Praag’s Net Worth. Photo Source: Twitter.

During Praag’s tenure at Soma, the brand and the team accelerated growth and were able to identify an ownable space in the marketplace while enhancing the Soma brand positioning.

The ability Mary holds can be seen through the records her owned company has achieved.  She led the company to newer heights.

All these achievements and records of Mary only prove that not only she was prospering in her career, but Mary Van Praag’s fortune also skyrocketed over the years.

1. Being the CEO of Milani Cosmetics Boosted Mary Van Praag’s Net Worth

Mary Van Praag was appointed as the CEO of Milani Cosmetics in 2020. As one of the most influential and deserving women in the beauty industry, Praag was a deserving person for the said position.

Learn about the founder of Milani Cosmetics, Laurel Minc, who brought the brand to the heights it is today.

Mary is also a board member of the Women in Retail Leadership Circle. As the CEO of one of the biggest makeup brands, it is clear that Mary Van Praag’s wealth is significant amount.

Even though the business persona refrains from sharing their income, we can estimate that they are earning a lucrative amount.

Mary is one visionary executive leader with a proven track record of improvement and progress. She is a role model to many.

Despite her humble beginnings, Mary succeeded in establishing herself in one of the major roles at a major company.

We are excited to see Mary Van Praag’s success and her role in uplifting Milani Cosmetics.

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