The Pros and Cons of Dating Loren Gray

The Pros and Cons of Dating Loren Gray

Loren Gray is a TikTok star and a singer. Photo Source: Loren Gray's Instagram.

TikTok has now become the Gen Z kids’ way to stardom. One such person who found their way to fame through TikTok is Loren Gray. She rose to prominence by lip-syncing on the app and is now considered one of the most attractive women. So, who is Tiktok’s most desirable woman, Loren Gray dating now?

If you are curious as well, then keep reading until the end. This article mainly focuses on the love life of Gray as well as the pros and cons of dating her. Of course, the pros might outweigh the cons, but let’s look deeper into the TikTok star’s career and love life.

Social Media Star To Popstar

Loren Gray Beech was born on April 19, 2002. She is from Pottstown, Pennsylvania, and began her journey (now known as TikTok) in 2015 when she was 13. It wasn’t easy for her as she used to get bullied at school for doing

Loren did not stop her social media presence, regardless of the bullying. But she did change her school and moved to LA, California. Gray soon began to receive much attention and rose to prominence. In 2017, Loren appeared in the music video of the English pop singer Harvey Leigh Cantwell, popularly known as HRVY.

Gray embarked on her musical journey with Virgin Records and released her debut single, ‘My Story’ in August 2018. The singer revealed that the song is based on a friend who kept on making wrong choices in her love life.

Loren Gray Singing Career
Loren Gray signed with Virgin Records in March 2018. Photo Source: Loren Gray’s Instagram.

Gray was signed to Virgin Records and Capitol Records until February 2021. After that, she went on to become an independent artist. Loren has released a total of 10 non-album singles as of February 2023. Her most recent single is Guilty, released on January 14, 2023. Another TikTok influencer who turned into an actress is Addison Rae.

Loren Gray Dating History

Gray rose to fame early on in her life as a teen. Due to this, her teenage dating life too got the media’s attention which would otherwise go unnoticed. So if you are curious to know who is Loren Gray dating, then here’s her complete dating history.

Then, 14-year-old Loren dated 16-year-old Joey Kisluk. The teenage couple even had their own couple Instagram called Joeyxloren. Young love can be flickering. Hence, the romance was short-lived, as they announced their breakup in June 2016. Their breakup was due to their busy lives, and they needed some time apart.

Later, in 2016, Loren dated Juway Roman and broke up the same year. The TikTok star-turned-singer is deemed one of the most beautiful girls, so she definitely gets a lot of male attention. At the end of 2018, she was romantically involved with Ian Jeffrey, but the relationship ended in March 2019.

When we look at Gray’s dating life, she has had multiple relationships, but all of them were short-lived. However, her most recent relationship was her longest. Loren Gray was dating Kyle DeLoera since September 2020. Sadly, in April 2022, Gray announced their split.

As of now, the question of who is Loren Gray dating remains a mystery. It’s only a matter of time until we hear the news of her dating life again, but we hope she finds a compatible partner this time.

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Pros And Cons of Dating Loren Gray

Loren Gray is a whole package. She is beautiful, talented, and successful. Anyone would want her, and many of her fans wish to date her. Even though the success rate of that dream is low, we can still dream. So to those dreamers, here are the pros and a few cons of dating the self-made phenom.

On the bright side, dating Loren Gray is quite an achievement. To be able to escort a beautiful, kind lady is what everyone dreams about. Apart from that, Gray is quite successful and has amassed a huge net worth from her career as an influencer and singer.

The sad part is every bright side also has a darker side too. In this case, you might have the girl of your dreams who is successful, kind, and beautiful, but if you are someone who treasures your privacy, then dating Loren Gray will do no good to you. Since she is a famous persona, the media’s prying eyes are always on her.

As Loren Gray’s partner, you will have to put up with strangers’ invasion of your private life, and you will have to deal with little to no privacy. If you can deal with this, you can continue dreaming about dating Gray; otherwise, it might be ideal for admiring Loren from afar.

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