Has Lorenzo Sonego Girlfriend Alice Petruccioli Tied The Knot?

Over the past couple of years, Italian tennis player Lorenzo Sonego has been in the news for his romantic pursuits.

So, today, we are going to reveal Lorenzo Sonego girlfriend Alice Petruccioli, a nutritionist biologist, and their relationship timeline.

When did the couple meet, and what is unique about them? Let’s learn in detail.

When did the love story begin?

Lorenzo and Alice started to date on 30 July 2019, when she posted an image with the tennis player with the caption “Unexpected Fate #mylove.” Their love of travel has made the couple closer over the years.

Lorenzo Sonego Girlfriend Alice Petruccioli is a supportive partner. The love birds’ undeniable chemistry and mutual support for each other have made them a power couple in the tennis world.

Lorenzo Sonego Girlfriend Alice Petruccioli
Lorenzo Sonego Girlfriend Alice Petruccioli. Image Credit: Social Media.

Alice and Lorenzo can be seen traveling the world together and exploring more of each other in the process.

While the couple is not traveling, Alice can be seen rooting for her lover in tennis matches.

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The story of Lorenzo Sonego Girlfriend Alice Petruccioli

Alice took Biological Sciences at the University of Wisconsin, United States.

During her studies, Alice said she visited many states in the country and later traveled across the world, including South Africa, Singapore, Indonesia, Madagascar, Caicos Island, and Turks.

Lorenzo Sonego Girlfriend Alice Petruccioli
Lorenzo Sonego Girlfriend Alice Petruccioli. Image Credit: Instagram.

Petruccioli mentioned that her love for nutrition rose due to her travels around the world, where she enjoyed many traditional dishes and discovered different cultures.

Watching the eating habits of different people and learning about their diets made her curious. Leading her to follow the path of nutrition.

Career and Success as the Girlfriend of a Tennis Star

Back in Italy, Alice continued her studies at the University of Pisa, Obtaining a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition.

Petruccioli is now a full-time Registered Nutrition Biologist. “My strong passion in this area pushes me to continue my training and constantly update myself to acquire new knowledge and skills,” says Alice, proving her passion and dedication to her career.

Alice’s medical services are aimed at improving psycho-physical well-being and helping people achieve their personal goals.

The doctor’s services include Personalized meal plans in person or remotely, Food education, and Bioimpedentiometry.

Are Lorenzo Sonego and Alice Petruccioli still together?

As supporters of the romantic couple, we all wonder, Are Lorenzo and Alice still together?

To answer this question, let’s look at some recent things that hint at the current status of their relationships. Alice is very active on her social media, sharing her love for travel.

Sonego and Alice’s Instagram posts show that they have not separated.

Lorenzo Sonego Girlfriend Alice Petruccioli
Lorenzo Sonego Girlfriend Alice Petruccioli. Image Credit: Social Media.

The couple posted them traveling to Sydney on 2 January 2024, Starting their new year with love and adventure. This shows that they are still going strong in their love life.

With the relationship going on this strong, it is predictable that the love birds will tie the knot soon.

Interviews with both Sonego and Petruccioli reveal that they cherish their love, and their relationship is one of the factors they have been thriving in their career.

Statement By the Tennis Star Himself – Together, Forever?

During a candid conversation, the tennis star mentioned how Alice’s love and support for him motivate him to reach new heights in his career.

Similarly, Lorenzo Sonego girlfriend Alice Petruccioli mentions how grateful she is to have someone like Sonego by her side. Likewise, she admires the support and compassion he has given to her.

Alice and Lorenzo remain companions, frequently attending red carpets and supporting each other. She can also be seen on the sidelines supporting her lover in his essential matches.


Q: Who is Lorenzo Sonego’s girlfriend, and what does she do?

A: Lorenzo Sonego girlfriend Alice Petruccioli is a nutritionist biologist.

Q: Is Lorenzo married to his partner?

A: Italian tennis player Lorenzo Sonego isn’t yet married to his lover.

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