Who is Emmy Nominated Makeup Artist Fiona Stiles’ Husband? Get To Know Their Story

Who is Emmy Nominated Makeup Artist Fiona Stiles’ Husband? Get To Know Their Story

Fiona Stiles' Husband. Image source: Instagram.

Fiona Stiles is renowned for her innovative instinctual style that strongly emphasizes natural skin with stunning eyes and lips framed by a fun pop of color.

This blog will therefore cover how her strategy enabled her to have a successful career in the beauty industry while also giving readers a peek into her personal life, with a focus on Fiona Stiles’ husband.

Meet Fiona Stiles

  • From a very young age, Fiona was enthralled by makeup. Her mother’s Indian Earth Terra Cotta blush, her classmate’s iridescent silver eye shadow from fourth grade, and yellow nail polish served as her introduction to cosmetics.
  • She went to the Rhode Island School of Design to study fine art photography. However, if she knew she could make a living from makeup, she might never have gone to college. 
  • Makeup was never an intention of living for her, but it presented itself to Fiona. After she graduated, she moved to New York and started doing makeup.
  • The makeup artist believes that she is calm, quiet, and unflappable, even in the most insane conditions. She thinks the world is full of drama, and she doesn’t want to add anything more.
Fiona Stiles' Husband
Fiona Stiles’ Husband. Image source: Instagram.
  • Fiona’s signature look always highlights the best version of her client. She doesn’t want her client to bury themselves in the makeup but make them the best version of themselves. She prioritizes beautiful skin that leans towards glamour but with a modern approach.
  • Her day-to-day life is busy working with hundreds of entertainment, music, and fashion icons and regularly creating different looks for leading brands like Victoria’s Secret, Levis, and Calvin Klein. Stiles’s work is respected by many photographers, including Cliff Watts, Yu Tsai, and Ben Watts.

Work is The Door to Many Other Opportunities

Fiona Stiles had a major breakthrough in her career after assisting Pat McGrath when she was splitting her time between London and NYC. 

The makeup artist loved Pat’s purity, fearlessness, and ease when she worked with her. Moreover, she is grateful for the opportunity Pat gave her.

Futhermore, Fiona thinks her career highlight is working with David Bowie from 2002 to 2006. Stiles was a huge fan of Bowie, so keeping cool while working with him for the first time was a dream come true.

Therefore, Fiona’s work is the platform where she can meet amazing people and learn a lot from them.

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The Backbone of Life: Fiona Stiles’ Husband

Fiona Stiles is not just a name, but it has been a brand in the past few years. Her prominence in the beauty industry is vital. So people want to know the reason behind her success and growth.

Many people wonder who is the support system that has been inevitably helping her in the journey. 

Fortunately, we can confirm that the unwavering support system of the Emmy-nominated makeup artist is her photographer husband, Andrew James Stiles.

The beautiful couple tied the knot on 3 March 2007. Though the couple is reluctant to share anything about their personal life on social media and wants to have low-key life, Fiona mentions him during her interviews.

The beautiful couple is also blessed with a daughter and living happily in Venice, California.

So it can be said that, with every passing day, the connection of both partners is growing stronger, and they are happily enjoying each other’s company.

More About Her Husband

Fiona Stiles’ husband wears many caps. He previously worked in one or two different jobs before he started photography. He worked as a restaurant owner, so many of his friends still call him by that name.

However, Andrew has put most of his time and commitment into making incredible pictures despite it being a business for him. He has a website where people can contact him for business purposes.

Like his wife, Andrew also doesn’t like bringing drama to the set but wants to make shoot days fun and easy for his clients and subjects.

Fiona Stiles’ spouse believes in the equation of taking and giving back. He contributes to local organizations like Venice Family Clinic and Heal the Bay that, affects his neighborhood and supports national organizations that protect the environment.

Fiona Stiles' Husband
Fiona Stiles’ Husband. Image source: Instagram.

Andrew loves beaches and dreams of living on an island near Seattle someday. He would probably be cycling or playing with his daughter in the waves if he was not shooting.

Apart from being a photographer, he is also a realtor at Compass who is devoted to helping his clients to buy special and thoughtful properties. 

The makeup artist said that she couldn’t make it all work without her husband. Her husband is the lead parent and does most of the school drop-offs and pick-ups. 

Hence, it can be concluded that Fiona Stiles’ partner plays an essential role in getting her personal and professional life together. Therefore we hope that their journey continues with unconditional love, care, and affection.

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