Reed Clarke Founder Fiona Stiles’ Net Worth: The Celebrity Makeup Artist Turned Businesswoman

Reed Clarke Founder Fiona Stiles’ Net Worth: The Celebrity Makeup Artist Turned Businesswoman

Fiona Stiles' Net Worth. Image Source: Instagram.

You are not alone if you have ever wondered what products celebrities use. Reed Clarke is a one-stop place with a collection of all the popular brands that celebrities use.

Fiona Stiles is a renowned makeup artist and the founder of Reed Clarke. So what is Fiona Stiles’ net worth, and why is her opinion so highly regarded? Keep reading to find out.

Why is Fiona Stiles Such a Big Deal?

  • With 30 years of experience working with famous and familiar faces, Fiona Stiles has gained recognition as an adept makeup artist.
  • Her expertise in the beauty industry is well-known among editors and other artists who seek her advice for superior recommendations.
  • With her natural and friendly approach, Fiona Stiles brings a unique touch to crafting stunning looks for various publications and global media outlets in the fashion and entertainment sectors.
  • Many of the most famous faces worldwide rely on her expertise as well as revered photographers and directors alike.
  • Fiona’s artistic flair was honed at the Rhode Island School of Design, where she majored in photography.
  • Her hallmark style relies heavily on enhancing skin quality, paired up eloquently with captivating eyes and lips that leave stunning impressions.
  • Fiona is among Emmy-nominated veteran makeup artists within this industry segment today, testifying to years worth spent sharpening regardful experience and boosting beauty forward.

What is Reed Clarke?

If you’re curious about what’s inside Fiona’s kit, Reed Clarke should be your preferred destination to explore exceptional beauty products that are worth having on your wish list.

Fiona Stiles is a prominent makeup artist who has worked with several celebrities, such as Jennifer GarnerJessica AlbaElizabeth Banks, and Nicole Richie.

The beauty expert possesses extensive knowledge of skincare and makeup due to her vast experience in the industry.

Despite having a tight schedule that includes attending appointments and being a mom, among other things, Fiona still managed to establish Reed Clarke.

Fiona’s website offers beauty products of high quality that are difficult to come by elsewhere.

Reed Clarke stands out from the crowded cosmetics market since it only features carefully selected best-selling items from each brand.

The website features appealing essentials that remove any uncertainty when applying them. For instance, achieving an ideal cat-eye or natural-looking hair-do couldn’t be simpler.

What Has Fiona Said Regarding Her Inspiration

Fiona, a professional makeup artist, had always been interested in exploring different avenues of her art.

One day, during a workday around 2013, Stiles was discussing beauty products with someone when they both stumbled upon a fantastic scar-reducing gel that only a few people knew about.

Excited by its potential, Fiona couldn’t wait to share this remarkable discovery with more people. So she began thinking of ways to spread the word and get others on board.

Fiona Stiles' Net Worth
Fiona Stiles’ Net Worth. Image Source: Instagram.

That’s when it hit Fiona, why not start an online store like ‘an old-fashioned drugstore’?

Although admittedly enamored with makeup as part of her current profession, Fiona loved how this new idea gave her another way to keep working without having to give up entirely by starting retail business operations physically.

So from there on outwards, Reed Clarke was born: a one-stop-shop for all things beauty-related. And it keeps growing bigger and better every day.

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Fiona Stiles’ Net Worth

Being one of the most respected and in-demand makeup artists, Fiona Stiles’ net worth must be pretty high.

Although the amount is unknown, several sources have estimated Fiona Stiles’ wealth to be between 1 and 5 million.

Plus, the talented makeup artist also earns through her primary job of making people look prettier, in addition to Reed Clarke.  

Reed Clarke most likely accumulated a significant amount of wealth since its release. In addition, as the CEO, Fiona Stiles undoubtedly received her share of profits which could have positively affected her fortune.

It’s reasonable to assume that with Reed Clarke thriving consistently over time, it will presumably continue contributing significantly towards increasing Fiona Stiles’ fortune in the future.

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Trivia and Facts

  • Fiona has over 94K followers on Instagram.
  • Fiona is respected by several renowned photographers worldwide, such as Thomas WhitesideDavid BellemerePaola Kudacki, and Ben Watts.
  • Stiles’ works have also been featured in several prestigious publications, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, W Magazine, InStyle, and Vanity Fair.

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