CEO and Founder of BedJet Mark Aramli’s Net Worth: Reinventing The Future of Sleep

CEO and Founder of BedJet Mark Aramli’s Net Worth: Reinventing The Future of Sleep

Mark Aramli's Net Worth. Image Source: Social Media.

Mark Aramli leads BedJet, a company in the field of SleepTech, as its CEO. It has introduced an innovative system to control bed temperature through rapid cooling and heating.

Mark is among the top five entrepreneurs whose pitches failed on Shark Tank. So, let’s discuss Mark Aramli’s net worth and his success story in the article.

What is BedJet and How Does It Work?

  • BedJet is a company dedicated to enhancing the quality of sleep and comfort in bedrooms by utilizing advanced technology, engineering design, and medical science.
  • The BedJet serves the purpose of comfortably heating or cooling your bed within just half a minute without causing any sweating.
  • It utilizes an advanced fan mechanism that emits a gentle airflow beneath your covers quietly and effectively.
  • Moreover, as studies indicate that more than 50% of couples quarrel over sleeping temperatures, BedJet has added features to cater to different temperature preferences on either side of the bed, ensuring coziness for everyone.
  • Although BedJet is now nationally recognized since its humble beginnings in 2013 as a dynamic start-up enterprise, it remains profitable without compromising its societal commitment.
  • The company recognizes that possessing a BedJet product can be considered luxurious; hence some people may not afford them globally.
  • To acknowledge this worldwide social disparity, the founder contributes part of the profit made from every purchase towards helping individuals or groups struggling with basic needs through the Aramli Foundation.

Mark Aramli, The Creator of BedJet

Mark Aramli, the BedJet creator and former NASA spacesuit program engineer, observed that even when astronauts could sleep soundly in space, most people experienced discomfort while sleeping in their beds.

Driven by his engineering skills and desire to resolve this issue for millions of individuals worldwide, Mark launchedKickstarter project for his BedJet prototype.

The project subsequently became Rhode Island’s most successful venture until now.


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Mark revealed that he was running for City Council in Newport in 2022. The father of 3 wants to preserve and improve their community, and he feels like being the Councilor, he can achieve that.

The inventor hopes to create a brighter future for generations and has refused to register with either Democrat or Republican parties.

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He Was Rejected In Shark Tank for His Idea of BedJet

In 2015, Mark Aramli and his BedJet received harsh criticism from all five sharks causing him to lose faith in his product.

Two years later, during an interview with HubSpot, Aramli shared that the investors disliked the quick cooling fan contraption designed specifically for underneath bed sheets citing their disbelief that there was even a market for such a concept.

Mark Aramli's Net Worth
Mark Aramli’s Net Worth. Image Source: Social Media.

Despite these unfavorable opinions from experts within his field of interest, Mark persevered.

Drawing on every penny he had saved over time, maxing out credit cards, and borrowing against a mortgaged house, Mark invested everything into bringing this dream to fruition.

The engineer’s unwavering dedication paid dividends by seeing sales rise 300% year on year until reaching around $5m annually, totaling more than $30m across its lifetime.

BedJet is proving once again how faith in oneself can lead to triumphs regardless of initial setbacks or odds stacked against you.

Mark Aramli’s Net Worth

Various websites have estimated Aramli’s fortune to be in multi-millions. Regrettably, it is currently not possible to ascertain the precise amount of Mark Aramli’s wealth amassed.

BedJet represents a significant source of income for him as he actively participates in its management, though there exists a chance that he also earns additional proceeds from other sources.

Furthermore, if more people appreciate the genius’ accomplishments and recognize the value his business brings, this could fuel greater demand for its services on a global scale.

We hope to get more information regarding Mark Aramli’s net worth soon.

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Trivia and Facts

  • BedJet has distributed more than 200,000 units to enhance sleep quality and promote well-rested individuals.
  • As a result of its outstanding performance, it’s currently America’s top-selling cooling and warming system for beds.
  • BedJet has over 13.6K followers on Instagram.

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