5 Facts About Meghann Gunderman: The Woman Who Rejected Prince William

Would you reject a royalty proposal that came for you? It’s probably no, but Meghann Gunderman rejected Prince William‘s proposal.

So, if you want to know more about Meghann Gunderman and Prince William’s story, you may want to stick with us as we will be going into the past to uncover the mysteries.

5. Meghann Gunderman and Prince William Met At St. Andreas University

Meghann Gunderman, a native of Charlotte, had the chance to study at the reputable University of St. Andrews in the United Kingdom.

Interestingly enough, this institution also attracted royalty, such as Prince William. During his time there, many young women were drawn toward him.

Despite being offered affection from several admirers at university, William only had eyes for one person- Meghann Gunderman.

Unfortunately for him, when he finally mustered up the courage to invite Meghann out on a date, she declined his offer gracefully and turned him down without hesitation or regret.

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4. Prioritizes Feeling Over Fame And Affluence

Meghann stood out among the girls in her university for not pursuing fame and wealth by seeking attention from royalty.

While many might have been tempted to accept a royal invitation, Meghann’s priorities were different.

Gundermann turned down an offer from a prince for a date because she valued her feelings above external influences.

This displays Meghann’s independent nature and self-awareness in making decisions based on personal beliefs rather than social pressure or material gain.

3. Tied The Knot With Former NFL player

Despite turning down the proposal made by the prince to marry him, the entrepreneur was able to find another opportunity in love.

Gunderman eventually accepted a marriage proposal from retired NFL player Jason Sehorn.

Jason Heath Sehorn is known for his professional American football career as a successful cornerback who played for different teams, such as New York Giants and St. Louis Rams.

Meghann Gunderman and Prince William
Meghann Gunderman and Prince William. Image Source: Instagram.

Meghan Gundermann’s husband pursued football at the University of Southern California. After dating, Jason and the entrepreneur got married in 2017.

Now that they are happily together, their story serves as an example that being true to oneself can lead anyone to find joy regardless of where life takes them.

2. Founder of The Foundation Of The Tomorrow

The spouse of Jason Sehorn founded a nonprofit organization called The Foundation For Tomorrow (TFFT).

This organization centers its efforts in Tanzania by tackling weaknesses through education’s influence.

By providing access to quality instruction, health, and emotional support, as well as life skills programs for orphans and vulnerable kids, TFFT ensures that they have a chance at success while adhering to their values and beliefs.

Additionally, the TFFT squad works towards enhancing classroom resources’ quality management so that there can exist widespread impact on a sustainable basis.

It is evident that the founder holds compassion for underprivileged children close to her heart.

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1. Keeps Personal Life Undercover

Although Meghann Gunderman is in a relationship with a well-known NFL player, she prefers to keep her personal life under the radar.

Despite being plugged into social media platforms, Meghan limits access to her private Instagram account solely for close acquaintances.

Gundermann’s professional use of Twitter primarily involves promoting her organization.

Furthermore, Meghann is a proud mother of four, among which one of them she shared with Jason, and the rest are her stepchildren.  


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The biological child is Sage Cru Sehorn, and the three stepdaughters are Avery Grace Sehorn, Emery Hope Sehorn, and Finley Faith Sehorn.

Although Meghann Gunderman and Prince William are not together, it remains true that the founder of The Foundation Of The Tomorrow is living a satisfied and happy life with her current partner.

So, we hope the lovebirds have a very smooth road in the future and hope their love grows even deeper than it is now.

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