Miss Rhode Island Caroline Parente Age, Parents And Personal Life

Miss Rhode Island Caroline Parente Age, Parents And Personal Life

Miss Rhode Island Caroline Parente. Image Credit: Instagram

During the 2024 Miss American Pageant, we saw many talented and gorgeous ladies trying to claim the trophy. But today we will meet one contestant.

Miss Rhode Island Caroline Parente came in fifth. She is a model, a student, and a rising leader in her community.

So people are more curious to know about her age, family background, and her personal life.

Journey to Miss Rhode Island

  • The model, Caroline Parente, was born in 2002 in South Kingstown, Rhode Island, United States, and she grew up in South Kingstown.
  • Caroline completed high school at La Dalle Academy in 2020, and the model is a Senior student at Brown University, majoring in political science and English.
  • The American beauty queen and model has founded the nonprofit organization Glimmer of Hope Foundation, which provides financial assistance and support to families affected by cancer.
  • Caroline worked for the Stefal Finance Corporation as an investment banking summer analyst in 2023.

Who is the Parents of the Model?

Miss Rhode Island is a daughter of the Mother, Kimberly Parente, and Father, Christopher Parente.

Kimberly Parente and Christopher Parente have three children: Caroline Parente, Hailey Parente, and Emma Parente.

The daughter, Hailey Parente, is a Pediatric Physical Therapist, where Caroline Parente is a model, and Emma Parente, the youngest, is a student.

Miss Rhode Island Caroline Parente
Miss Rhode Island Caroline Parente. Image Credit: Instagram

Mom Kimberly Parente is a nurse by profession, but seeing the father Christopher’s post on Facebook, he may be a fisherman by profession.

But how did Miss Rhode Island Caroline Parente become the fourth runner of the show Miss America 2024?

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Career Achievement of the Caroline Parente

The model Caroline Parente started her modeling journey in 2019, and she competed in the Miss Rhode Island national competition. And guess what?

With her outstanding performance and beauty, Caroline won the national-level competition of the Miss Rhode Island 2019.

Having faith in her, she planned to compete in the state-level competition, which is Miss America 2024.

Parente became the fourth runner-up of the show Miss America 2024. The model received the $5000 scholarship, much respect, and beautiful comments.

Miss Rhode Island Caroline Parente
Miss Rhode Island Caroline Parente. Image Credit: Instagram

Miss Rhode Island Caroline Parente has competed against 50 other contestants around the state.

Although Miss Madison Marsh of Colorado won the show, Miss America 2024, Miss Caroline Parente received a lot of appreciation from the judges and audiences.

Caroline is a very humble and grounded woman who was doing a lot of incentive for the community.

So, being so kind and beautiful, is she single or dating someone? Let’s find out.

Miss Rhode Island Caroline Parente

It’s been hanging in our mind that Caroline must be more mature and adult that she has achieved such things in life.

Or maybe Miss Rhode Island Caroline Parente is older, so she knows what to do in life through experiences,

but by exploring her life, Caroline is only 22 as of 2024, and, shockingly, being 22 can achieve such things in life.

So, with her life, we know that “Age is Just a Number” and you can achieve whatever you want at any age.

You need to have the gut and passion for that.

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Personal Life of the Fourth Runner-Up Miss Rhode Island

As a political science lover, Caroline’s role models are Soledad O’Brien, Kamal Harris, and Michelle Obama. Miss Rhode Island wanted to enter the political field as she was studying political science.

Miss Rhode Island Caroline Parente
Miss Rhode Island Caroline Parente. Image Credit: Instagram

Apart from that, she is a beautiful model, but having said this, does she have a boyfriend, or is she still single?

Hanging with this question, we reach her Instagram profile.

Caroline has posted a lot of beautiful photos of her achievements, trips, hanging with friends and families, and, of course, selfies, but she hasn’t mentioned anything about her boyfriend.

So, it clarifies that Caroline is still single and focused on her life goal.

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