Interesting Facts About Moriah Plath Tattoos

Interesting Facts About Moriah Plath Tattoos

Moriah Plath Tattoos. Image Credit: Social Media.

Moriah Plath is a reality television star most known for her presence in Welcome To Plathville.

Moriah is also known for being a singer, model, and influencer. But despite all of this, Moriah is also appreciated and garners attention from others for her tattoos.

Let’s talk about some of Moriah Plath Tattoos.

Beginning and Early Life

Moriah Plath was born on 28th August 2002 in the United States. Moriah was homeschooled and was raised in a strict Christian household.

While appearing on Welcome to Pathville in 2019, viewers got a sneak peek into her life. The show focused on how strict Moriah parents were with her.

This leads Moriah to become a rebel from a young age. Moriah used to dye her hair and wear revealing clothing to annoy her parents.

Moriah Plath Tattoos
Moriah Plath Tattoos arm. Image Credit: Social Media.

The Rebel is currently focusing on her music career. Moriah has previously been a part of the family’s gospel band. The singer recently released her own single, “Circus.”

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Moriah Plath Tattoos 

Moriah, one of the first tattoos, was on the back of her ear. Being a rebel,  She got that tattoo in Hawaii, a minimalistic tribal tattoo. This is also the first tattoo she shared with her fans.

Later, at 19, Moriah chose to get The Rose Tattoo on her hips. The tattoo design consists of a red and black rose inked from her hip to back. Moriah got this work done in Secret Tattoo Studio, located in Tampa.

Moriah Plath Tattoos
Moriah Plath Tattoos. Image Credit: Social Media.

Although heavily criticized for her tattoo, Moriah has always been a rebel and said, “Finished this tattoo, and I’m in love with it!.”

After mixed responses from her fans, she posted, “Yes, I can listen to y’all’s opinions, but at the end of the day, this is MY life, and I will be the one living with the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ decisions I make… though I will say, I don’t see them as good or bad decisions but as learning curves!”

The self-proclaimed Rebel also said, “On the road to becoming who I’m meant to be. And I’m not just talking about tattoos but just life decisions in general. So I guess we’ll just have to see what the future brings.”

Other Tattoos of The Rebel

Moriah got her wrist tattoo, which reads “Black Heart,” which was revealed in 2021. She also has red scratches that are supposed to represent her wild side.

The singer has also inked a heart and cross on the same arm. Moriah also has a tattoo on her left forearm, which reads “Rebel.”

Moriah habitually broke the rules and constantly taunted her parents with her fashion sense. The singer has not been afraid to break the rules and do what she wants.

The singer also has a crown of thorns on her shoulder; below that, she has inked angel wings. Most of the singer’s tattoos represent a free spirit and doing what she likes.

More roses tattoos. Moriah had two roses inked on both sides of her collarbone.

More tattoos on The Way

Moriah often shares the process of her getting inked during and after the procedure.

It looks like the singer’s ink addiction will not stop anytime soon, and we will get to see more of her work.

While not everyone is thrilled with her choice of tattoos and arts, Moriah has often made it clear that she does not listen to anyone and does what she wants, as represented in her tattoo, which reads “Rebel.”

Published On: March 10, 2024

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