5 Surprising Facts About Ray Dalio’s Net Worth That You Need To Know

Net Worth: $19.1 Billion
Born: August 8, 1949
Gender:  Male
Height: 5 feet 7 inches
Country of Origin: USA
Source of Wealth: Businessman

Ray Dalio is an American Billionaire and the founder of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund. Plus he is also renowned for his investment philosophy.

In this blog, we will unveil five surprising facts about Ray Dalio’s net worth. So, be ready to be flabbergasted as we take a closer look into his life.

5. Education Paved The Way Towards His Success

During his high school years, Dalio was an average student who found the educational system to be monotonous and lacking real-world application.

Consequently, he faced hurdles in selecting a college that suited him until he secured admission into C.W. Post College – which is affiliated with Long Island University.

However, as time passed, his interest in academia grew, leading to academic excellence for the investor.

Furthermore, Ray’s passion for learning drove him towards enrolling at Harvard Business School after completing his undergraduate degree from C.W. Post College.

It goes without saying that education played a significant role in laying down the foundations of all accomplishments and achievements he has accomplished so far.

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4. Started Investment In Stock From An Early Age

While he was in high school, Ray Dalio invested $300 he had earned from caddying in shares of Northeast Airlines, which was priced at five dollars per share.

As it turned out, this company became a target for merger and resulted in triple profits for the 12-year-old investor.

From then on, Dalio developed an interest in investing by studying annual reports of established companies and seeking guidance from older investors.

Ray Dalio’s Net Worth
Ray Dalio’s Net Worth. Image Source: Flickr

The teenager learned that even with thorough research, there is still a chance of mistakes, and such errors can be costly.

The billionaire’s investment strategy involved going against popular opinions to gain an advantage over others in the market.

That helped Ray to get feedback on his ideas from knowledgeable investors before making decisions regarding stocks to buy or sell.

Before finishing high school, Dalio accumulated several thousand dollars worth of stock portfolio, which was remarkable given his age during the late ’60s era.

This was another clever decision that added to Ray Dalio’s wealth.

3. Experience Was His Best Teacher

During the summer of 1971, Ray Dalio held a position as a clerk on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange in between completing college and preparing for graduate school.

This experience provided him with first-hand knowledge regarding an international financial crisis that resulted from President Richard Nixon‘s decision to end the relationship between gold value and the dollar.

The post-World War II Bretton-Woods agreement was thereby concluded, which had set fixed exchange rates for major currencies globally while fixing the price of gold at $35 per ounce.

Following this announcement by President Nixon, there was an increase of 33% in stock prices on the next day, indicating upcoming inflation over decades leading to rising commodity prices such as those of gold.

While Ray Dalio gained insight into commodity pricing during these events, it also helped him realize how crucial currency exchange rates were and motivated him towards mastery in this area too.

2. Bridgewater Associates Contributes To Ray Dalio’s Net Worth – $19.1 B

At 26 years old, the $19.1 billion holder restarted Bridgewater Associates as a small trading firm operating from his two-bedroom apartment.

Initially, the company offered advice on currency exchange and interest rate risks to a limited number of corporate clients.

However, due to their success with his guidance, more investors sought out his insights.


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Major companies like McDonald‘s and one of its suppliers became clients, propelling Bridgewater Associates’ growth substantially.

By 2005 Bridgewater Associates had become the largest hedge fund in the world with high-profile clients such as California Public Employees’ Retirement System, managing $124 billion in assets under Dalio’s management.

In recognition of his influence and achievements in the finance industry worldwide by Time magazine, he was named one among the annual Time 100 list.

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1. Billionaire With A Big Heart

Ray Dalio created the Dalio Foundation, which has accumulated a significant fortune and donates its wealth to non-profit organizations.

As of 2013, the foundation’s total assets amounted to $842 million, with Ray himself contributing $400 million.

Over time, millions have been donated to the David Lynch Foundation for research on Transcendental Meditation.

Additionally, during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in China, the foundation contributed $10 million towards coronavirus recovery efforts.

Furthermore, in partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies, The Dalio Foundation pledged $185 million towards ocean conservation initiatives.

With over $5 billion given away for charitable purposes thus far, it is evident that Ray Dalio’s net worth is more than just a number.

Ray has improved countless lives, including those of humans and other creatures alike, through his philanthropic endeavors.

So, we wish him all the best in his future plans and endeavors and hope to see him continue his philanthropic activities.

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