What We Know About Actor Remy Auberjonois Wife: Diving Into Their Blissful Marriage

What We Know About Actor Remy Auberjonois Wife: Diving Into Their Blissful Marriage

Remy Auberjonois Wife. Image Credit: Instagram.

Remy Auberjonois is an American actor who has left a precious mark on the audience’s hearts through his role as Mr. Albin in the television series Weeds.

The actor has a vast fandom base, and they are also curious about Remy Auberjonois wife and relationship journey. So, let’s dig into the actor’s life and grab more information about him through this article.

Getting To Know Actor Remy Auberjonois

  • Remy-Luc Julian Michel Auberjonois, known as Remy Auberjonois, was born on January 21, 1974, in Santa Monica, California, U.S., as a son of mother Judith Mihalyi and father Rene Murat Auberjonois.
  • Remy also has one sister named Tessa Auberjonois. He attended Wesleyan University for his Bachelor of Arts (BA) and later attended Yale University for a Master Of Fine Arts (MFA) for his degree.
  • Remy is an actor, and he has been acting since 1981, playing the role of Dan‘s son, where he was seen in Marcy’s Wedding episode in the television series Benson.
  • The actor is active to date, and we will talk more about his Acting and life journey down below, so stay with us till the end.

Career Journey Of The Actor

Auberjonois has been very active in his acting career and can be seen in various films and Television series. The actor is mainly known for his following roles.

The actor played the role of Walter Elkins in the We’ll Always Have Episode in the television series Pam Am in 2011. He is also best known for his role as Mr. Albin in Weeds (television series) from 2005 to 2006.

Remy Auberjonois Wife
Remy Auberjonois Wife. Image Credit: Social Media.

Remy also appeared as Tyler Brody in Episode 2: Believe in the Stars of 30 Rock in 2008. He also appeared as Theodore Hardeen in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire in Episode: Paris Green.

Not to forget, the actor is also known for his appearance in Law & Order, which was aired on October 2, 2009, in episode 435. Remy has earned fame through different films and television series, and the actor is challenging to forget.

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Who is Remy Auberjonois Wife?

Many fans and audiences are curious to know about Remy’s personal life. Through this article, let’s collect more information about Remy Auberjonois’s personal life.

So, who is Remy Auberjonois wife? She is none other than Kate Nowlin, an actress.

Remy Auberjonois Wife
Remy Auberjonois Wife. Image Credit: Social Media.

Remy and Nowlin both attended the same school for their Masters. So, it might be possible for the couple to meet there.

The couple has been married since September 5, 2004, and are happy with their marriage. They currently live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. But does the duo have any children?

The couple does share one child (daughter) named Sunde Auberjonois, who is also an actress.

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Know More About Kate Nowlin

Nowlin is an actress who attended Southern Methodist University for her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting and later attended Yale School of Drama for her degree in Master of Fine Arts in Acting.

Kate has worked as an artist for Wakemup Films for the past ten years and four months. She is also an actress at The Public Theater, where she has worked for five years and five months.

The actress has experience in KIDD SHARK as an artist for one year and one month, at The Hunt – BlumHouse Univerisity Studios as an actor for two months, and at CBS Television Studios as an actress for six months.

Kate and Remy have also worked together in Blood Stripe, released on September 29, 2017. Remy has worked as a director and writer in the film, whereas Nowlin has worked as a writer.

The Couple still has a long way to go with their appearances, and we hope to see them together again.


Q. When was Remy Auberjonois born?

A. He was born on January 21, 1974.

Q. Who is Remy Auberjonois wife?

A. His wife is Kate Nowlin.

Published On: January 22, 2024

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