Find Out What Inspired RÓEN Beauty Founder Tiffany Scott To Create Her Own Beauty Brand

Find Out What Inspired RÓEN Beauty Founder Tiffany Scott To Create Her Own Beauty Brand

RÓEN Beauty Founder. Image Source: Instagram.

There is no shortage of beauty brands in the market claiming their effectiveness. Hence, it can be quite challenging to find the perfect skincare product that can deliver results.

One brand that aims to prioritize clean and effective beauty is RÓEN Beauty. Let’s delve further into the company’s origins by learning about the mastermind behind it, RÓEN Beauty founder Tiffany Scott.

Let’s Get To Know The CEO a Bit.

  • RÓEN Beauty came to life in Los Angeles in 2019 thanks to Tiffany Thurston Scott, an ardent supporter of clean beauty products.
  • The founder grew up in Utah, where she developed a passion for nature and a holistic lifestyle.
  • Her move to Southern California’s coastal area was motivated by academic ambitions, but it also brought her closer to the charm and glamour that defined LA culture.
  • Tiffany noticed the harmful ingredients in most beauty brands, leading her to explore clean beauty options.
  • She studied various components with like-minded makeup artists before launching RÓEN – a brand that reflects luxury, innovation, and elegance.
  • The company’s goal was to remain true to its eco-friendly roots.

Why Choose RÓEN Beauty?

RÓEN aims to unite sophistication, creativity, and a wholesome lifestyle in its merchandise. 

They endeavor to create groundbreaking beauty remedies that are both non-toxic and efficient while remaining faithful to the belief of being comfortable.

Instead of regarding health as distinct from attractiveness, RÓEN interprets them as mutually beneficial.

Therefore, the corporation is confident that individuals can possess gorgeous makeup without harmful substances or elements. 

Their exquisite combination of natural ingredients guarantees their solutions stand out and present incomparable outcomes. 

Customers receive advanced exposure with their cosmetics routine while positively affecting their wellness due to the products. 

With RÓEN cosmetic line, consumers can rely on daring appearances alongside trust in selecting a brand devoted to looking good and feeling great.

The Inspiration For RÓEN 

RÓEN was inspired by Tiffany’s fondness for high-end beauty products such as ChanelDior, and other famous brands.

Scott’s upbringing in Utah instilled a deep appreciation for health and well-being, having been exposed to natural elegance from her surroundings.

During her academic pursuits in Los Angeles, she developed an affection for the fashionable and graceful lifestyle of the city.

This motivated her to establish an elegant beauty brand that embraced modesty while radiating quality.


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Tiffany repeatedly suffered from eye irritations and stye. She realized that it was caused by the eyeshadows she used.

Scott’s dermatologist confirmed this suspicion and advised her to look into the ingredients of those products.

To her surprise, Tiffany discovered they contained harmful components, prompting her to create Róen palettes with safer alternatives.

This realization also sparked a goal for her to develop genuinely clean makeup items such as their much-loved mascara: Cake Mascara.

It can be said that this “aha moment” led up to the foundation of RÓEN Beauty’s vision for healthier cosmetics options.

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What’s Next For RÓEN Beauty Founder?

Tiffany is thrilled with her brand’s current standing and appreciates that it has received positive recognition from customers and the beauty industry early on.

As a result of these accomplishments, she feels more confident to lead RÓEN in a direction that aligns with her values for growth.

RÓEN Beauty Founder
RÓEN Beauty Founder. Image Source: Instagram.

The most important aspect for Tiffany is a natural progression, meaning there are no rushed launches or subpar products because they don’t match their standards.

It’s crucial for the CEO, and all team members involved that any product released lives up to the consumer’s expectations.

Having an active role in every stage of development, the founder collaborates closely with their resident makeup artist and chemist.

This procedure may seem restrictive when managing timelines, but sticking to this approach ensures authenticity, which remains one of ROÉN’s founder’s essential principles.

RÓEN Beauty Founder Tiffany Scott is changing the cosmetic world for the better, and we couldn’t be more supportive of her.

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