Getting to Know Shante Broadus’ Net Worth: How is it like being Snoop Dogg’s wife?

Getting to Know Shante Broadus’ Net Worth: How is it like being Snoop Dogg’s wife?

Shante Broadus' Net Worth. Image Source: Instagram.

Net Worth:  $5 Million
Born: October 30, 1971
Gender:  Female
Height: 5 feet 4 inches
Country of Origin: USA
Source of Wealth: Manager

Do you know who is Snoop Dogg’s wife? You might have heard the name Shante Broadus.

In this blog, along with their journey, we will also be having a look at Shante Broadus’ net worth. So, stay put as we drift towards the core of their wealth.

Meet Shante Broadus

  • Born on October 30, 1971, in Los Angeles, California, Shante Broadus is an American entrepreneur, philanthropist, and celebrity partner.
  • She is famously married to rapper Snoop Dogg and has been a steadfast support system throughout his various challenges, such as his highly publicized struggle with gang violence and substance abuse.
  • Broadus has made appearances on her husband’s reality television show called Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood and has also been featured in some of his music videos.
  • Not only does she passionately promote her husband’s music career, but she is not afraid to defend him against any detractors or critics that come their way.

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Venturing Into Her Career

Broadus gained popularity as the longtime girlfriend and wife of Snoop Dogg.

While Snoop Dogg rose to fame with hits like ‘Sexual Eruption,’ known for his relaxed and effortlessly smooth rap style, Broadus worked primarily behind the scenes.

Shante took on the role of Snoop’s initial manager and steered him towards achieving remarkable success at a young age.

Currently, Broadus serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Boss Lady Entertainment, a management firm that represents Snoop.

Before becoming the CEO of BLE, Broadus also worked as an executive producer on various television and film projects.

These include a documentary called I in 2012 and his own reality show titled Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood, which aired in 2007.

Shante Broadus' Net Worth
Shante Broadus’ Net Worth. Image Source: Instagram.

Additionally, Snoop’s spouse appeared in a few notable television programs, such as Snoop & Son: A Dad’s Dream in 2015, The Mo’Nique Show in 2010, and the E! True Hollywood Story in 2006.

And in June 2021, the rapper appointed Broadus as his official manager.

Now, the manager’s role is to oversee all of his business ventures and investments, which span across industries such as cannabis, music, brand partnerships, TV/film productions, and licensing deals.

Shante Broadus’ Net Worth – $5 M

After playing a significant role in numerous successful ventures, it is highly probable that Snoop’s partner has also accumulated a substantial amount of wealth.

Delving deeper into the matter, Shante Broadus’ total assets amount to approximately $5 million.

The businesswoman acquired most of her fortune through her active participation in the music and entertainment sector.

Moreover, when examining the combined net worth of the couple, it adds up to an impressive $165 million.

This figure is truly remarkable and exceeds what many individuals can even fathom attaining.

Lifestyle And Assets

Having accumulated such wealth means that Shante must be living a comfortable life.

It should not be shocking if the couple chooses to indulge in luxury goods and engage in opulent activities from time to time.

Moreover, Shante can be seen in elegant attire and driving luxurious cars in various photographs.

Consequently, it would be unsurprising if her children also gravitated towards similar fancy clothing and vehicles.

When perusing the businesswoman’s Instagram account, it is easy to notice an abundance of quotes and pictures.

This behavior demonstrates that she not only maintains contact with her fans but also seeks to motivate and help them ease their mental stress and problems.

So, before jumping into another blog, we wish the lovebird the best for the future and hope that Shante Broadus’ fortune and wealth will increase in the near future.

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Trivia And Facts

  • Shante Broadus and Snoop Dogg have been happily married for a remarkable 23 years.
  • The couple first met at Long Beach Polytechnic high school. They have been together ever since.
  • She shares three children, Cordell BroadusCori Broadus, and Corde Broadus, with Snoop.


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