Sharon Chuter’s Net Worth: A Look at Her Successful Career as a Founder & CEO at UOMA Beauty

Sharon Chuter’s Net Worth: A Look at Her Successful Career as a Founder & CEO at UOMA Beauty

Sharon Chuter's net worth. Image Source: Instagram.

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UOMA Beauty founder Sharon Chuter believes that beauty starts the moment one starts to be themselves. Her makeup brand UOMA is all about being yourself

In this blog, together with UOMA Beauty, we will also discuss its CEO, Sharon Chuter’s net worth. Stay tuned if you have any questions about the company and CEO; you might find the answer in this blog.

A Little About Sharon Chuter

  • Sharon Chuter, a 32-year-old entrepreneur from Nigeria, has been passionate about revolutionizing the beauty industry since her teenage years.
  • She was motivated to make changes after realizing that none of the top beauty brands were available in her home country and took it upon herself to bring Revlon there.
  • After relocating to Australia and gaining experience at prestigious companies such as L’Oréal, Pepsi, and LVMH, Sharon encountered another roadblock: she noticed that the beauty industry lacked diversity when creating products for consumers.
  • This frustration fueled her mission of establishing an inclusive beauty product company even more. With a natural inclination towards rebellion, this was yet another chance for her to stand up and fight for inclusivity.

UOMA Beauty

Uoma Beauty is a beauty enterprise that champions inclusivity, founded by the accomplished entrepreneur Sharon Chuter in 2018.

The company has its base in Los Angeles and offers an extensive array of 108 products for the face, eyes, and lips.

This impressive collection comprises as many as fifty-one shades of foundation available for consumers to choose from.

Sharon Chuter's Net Worth
Sharon Chuter’s Net Worth. Image Source: Instagram

This remarkable range can now be easily accessed at ULTA Beauty outlets all over America. Under the leadership of Chuter, Uoma Beauty‘s headquarters have recently shifted from London to sunny Los Angeles.

This was a strategic move aimed towards furthering growth prospects whilst remaining committed to promoting diversity and representation within the industry in which they operate.

So What Is Sharon Chuter’s Net Worth?

The leader of UOMA Beauty, has likely amassed a considerable fortune.

While the exact number of Sharon Chuter’s net worth is undisclosed, we can learn more about her personal life and beauty routines by following her social media profiles.

Beyond showcasing professional photoshoots and promoting UOMA products, she also uses her platform to address pressing societal issues and raise awareness among her followers.

With all of Sharon’s impressive accomplishments as both an entrepreneur and founder of UOMA Beauty, it’s safe to assume that she enjoys a comfortable lifestyle.

Despite achieving numerous milestones throughout her career thus far, however, Chuter remains grounded and humble.

Through dedicated efforts toward effecting positive change in society at large, this Nigerian native has become a highly influential figure – not just within business circles but beyond them as well.

In contrast with many celebrities who primarily use social media for self-promotion or fame-seeking purposes alone, Sharon leverages these platforms to support justice initiatives on behalf of individuals facing injustice across various communities.

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Not Just A Beauty Company

Sharon set out on a meaningful path to start UOMA Beauty, motivated by her unyielding conviction. As an individual belonging to the woman of color community, she was acutely aware of how limited representation could adversely impact women at large.

Sharon Chuter’s cosmetic brand was therefore born out of a strong desire to empower individuals and enable them to express themselves while promoting self-love freely.


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Leveraging her vast industry knowledge and expertise, Sharon made it her mission through UOMA Beauty not only to challenge traditional norms but also to advocate for equity and awareness within the beauty space.

Although UOMA has massively contributed to Sharon Chuter’s wealth, it is more than just another lucrative business venture.

Instead, it aims at breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for all, regardless of their background or ethnicity.

Similarly, you may also be interested in buying products from Sue Y Nabi, CEO of Coty.

As the popularity of her brand is increasing, the day is not far when Sharon Chuter’s fortune will be a commendable sum.

For now, we wish her good luck in her future endeavors, and hopefully, detailed information about Sharon Chuter’s wealth will come out soon.

Trivia And Facts

  • Sharon Chuter has 38K followers on her Instagram account.
  • She identified her purpose, liquidated her property, and boldly took the plunge to establish her own brand.

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