Who is ‘Take Me To The River’ Singer Thelma C.’s Husband? Everything You Need To Know

Who is ‘Take Me To The River’ Singer Thelma C.’s Husband? Everything You Need To Know

Thelma C.'s Husband. Image Source: Facebook.

If you keep up with new music, you might have seen clips of a new single by Thelma C. and Alex Yurkiv titled Take Me To The River. It is well-received for its melodious tune and catchy lyrics.

But what do we know about the singers and their personal lives? In this article, we will explore details about Thelma C.’s husband, along with her musical journey.

Rising to Fame: Thelma Costolo

  • Thelma Costolo, a gifted singer originating from Australia, has received extensive praise for her latest popular song ever since its short clip was posted originally by Furnace Prayer Room NZ.
  • Besides her melodious voice, Thelma is recognized for being exceptionally cordial towards her enthusiasts and audience members.
  • She attributed her accomplishments to the unwavering encouragement and affection from her fans and Jesus Christ, who holds a unique place in her heart.
  • Being passionate about Christianity, Thelma finds great pleasure in employing music to communicate herself spiritually.
  • Nowadays, she often sets aside moments of extended prayerful meditation to connect with God through heartfelt praise and biblical contemplation, expanding further on why singing unto Him means so much to her soul.
  • Thelma’s passion lies in sharing this gift with others who seek peace beyond what the world can offer.

Her YouTube Career

Thelma is a singer who dreams of becoming successful in the music industry. She additionally takes charge of her own YouTube channel, where she happily shares her harmonious voice with viewers online.

The singer’s first video was published nearly a decade ago, performing on guitar while singing directly to the camera’s lens. The title of her first-ever song on YouTube is Love Song – Third Day, which has garnered over 3.8 thousand views to date.

Recently, around early 2023, Thelma decided to rekindle her passion for music and uploaded another musical masterpiece on her channel after almost ten years.

Since then, Thelma has consistently released two more videos at regular intervals, mainly consisting of Christian songs that resonate with listeners all around the globe.

With an estimated total audience count hitting up to nearly eleven-thousand views accompanied by seven-hundred-plus subscribers, Thelma is gradually progressing towards fulfilling her dream as a professional musician.

Thus, the numbers are anticipated to soar higher than ever before after the release of Thelma’s much anticipated new track, Take Me To The River (I Will Swim).

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Thelma C.’s Husband

Let’s move on to the intriguing question, who exactly is Thelma C.’s hubby? Although she has kept quiet about her marital life on Instagram, she did hint at having a husband in one of her posts.

However, some sleuthing on Facebook uncovered that Thelma is happily married to Joshua Costolo, and their nuptial pictures prove their love story.

The couple tied the knot on August 6, 2016, and commemorated their love by renewing their marriage vows in October 2022.

Witnessing them pledge themselves to each other once again was truly heartwarming.

The couple stood hand-in-hand on a cliff that overlooked the vast expanse of the sea, with a stunning sunset serving as an idyllic background for this romantic moment.

Truly a scene of fairytales.

What Has Joshua Been Up to

Originally from Newcastle, New South Wales, Joshua graduated from Belmont Christian College before embarking upon different careers, such as working with Lovells Springs and Feans Sight & Sound, among other things, right after college.

Thelma C.'s Husband
Thelma C.’s Husband. Image Source: Facebook.

For a while, Thelma C.’s husband also volunteered his services at Salvation Army Eastlakes, after which he began his stint as a technician at Roadhouse Electronics until May 18th, 2019, when he left this job.

Unfortunately, we have no information regarding his current employment position or career path.

An avid travel enthusiast, Joshua enjoys traveling extensively, made evident through several photographs of his voyages with his wife posted across numerous social media profiles available for everyone to see and enjoy. 

It is evident that Joshua has a deep affection for Thelma and leads a highly content life with his beloved partner.

Connected to Nature

Thelma, who devoutly practices Christianity, is compassionate towards all living creatures, especially animals.

It is no wonder that Thelma has openly expressed her affectionate behavior towards dogs and horses, among other animals, through numerous photographs posted on her social media platforms.

Perhaps her upcoming song title draws from nature’s inspiration, showcasing her humble personality with an amiable character, making Thelma popular among those who know her.

We eagerly anticipate her new release and hope it will chart success in elevating and advancing Thelma’s music career exponentially beyond expectation.

Published On: June 2, 2023

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