The Most Shocking Azealia Banks Beef You Never Knew About

Rapper Azealia Banks has become (in)famous for the number of feuds she is involved in. She is no stranger to controversy and doesn’t shy away when it comes to speaking her mind.

If you have a favorite singer, chances are Banks probably has beef with them. So today, let’s look at Azealia Banks beef with some of the most noteworthy celebrities in the industry.

Banks Clash With Taylor Swift

In a friendly manner, Azealia Banks advised Taylor Swift to end her relationship with Matty Healy and look for someone cooler and less difficult to be with.

The rapper shared this message through her Instagram story, showing concern for the well-being of the You Belong With Me singer by preventing any possible harm, such as scabies, from occurring in their current relationship.


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The controversial artist recommended that Swift should consider contacting James Mercer from The Shins instead.

Her Quarrel With Lana Del Rey

This heated feud between her and Lana Del Rey started when Rey criticized Kanye for donning the Make America Great Again cap.

This triggered Banks to express her thoughts about racism through Twitter. Lana later challenged Banks that she could come over anytime as she knows the address.

The argument continued rudely as they traded jabs at each other’s physical appearance leading to threats of legal action from Banks.

Azealia Banks Beef With Cardi B

The conflict commenced in September 2017 when Banks labeled Cardi B as a ‘poor man’s Nicki Minaj’ and accused her of using a ghostwriter.

The disagreement sparked again in May 2018 during an interview with The Breakfast Club, where Banks insulted Cardi by referring to her as an ‘illiterate, untalented rat’ while also stereotyping her as a caricature of black women.

In response to these hurtful statements, Cardi wrote about it on Instagram before eventually deleting everything from that account altogether.

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Azealia’s Squabble With Iggy Azalea

Inevitably, these two individuals with almost identical names were bound to have conflict. True enough, in 2011, Banks arrogantly attacked the Australian rapper Iggy Azalea on Twitter.

The tension heightened further when Iggy became the first female recipient on XXL’s Freshmen cover.

This prompted Banks to disparage the magazine and criticize Iggy for referencing herself as a “runaway slave master” in one of her mixtapes tracks from Ignorant Art album.

They’ve already reconciled and cleared up things, and Iggy stands firm that she has no ill feelings toward Banks whatsoever.

Fighting With A$AP Rocky

In April 2013, a heated conflict between Azealia and A$AP Rocky made Harlem feel like hell.

The dispute started when Rocky expressed in an interview with The Coveteur that he did not think dark-skinned women should wear purple lipstick.

Even though Rocky’s statement wasn’t directed at anyone specifically, Banks took offense and used social media to attack Rocky’s sexuality through derogatory tweets.

The female rapper criticized him for wearing dresses and giving makeup advice while suggesting he should embrace himself instead of feeling ashamed about who he truly is.

She Fired Shots At Eminem

Eminem is no stranger to controversial lyrics. In one of his songs, he used rhymes suggesting violent actions against Lana Del Rey, which Azealia Banks didn’t take kindly to.

Azealia Banks Beef
Azealia Banks Beef. Image Source: Instagram.

On Twitter, Azealia advised Lana Del Rey to instruct Eminem to return and live in a trailer park while having a microwavable hot dinner and potentially partake in inappropriate behavior towards family members.

Surprisingly, Azealia Banks beef with Lana Del Rey is also well documented, so it was quite a shock to see Banks coming to defend Lana.

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Rihanna and Banks Went Back and Forth On Social Media

At the beginning of 2017, Banks expressed her views on President Donald Trump’s directive to prevent citizens from seven Muslim-dominant countries from entering America via Instagram.

While expressing her thoughts, Banks directed unwarranted criticism toward Rihanna by doubting her immigration credentials and condemning her tweets denouncing Trump’s regulation.

Rihanna reacted delicately to Bank’s accusations with a selfie bearing a kissy face, capturing “The facial expression one has when they are an immigrant.”

Additionally, Rihanna hinted to Banks’ supposed involvement in sacrificial practices regarding living chickens.

Feuding With Grimes and Elon Musk

The story started in August 2018, when Banks claimed she was confined inside Elon Musk’s residence.

Grimes had requested Banks to come over for a collaborative effort. But upon her arrival, the rapper found herself largely unaccompanied while Grimes comforted Musk, who was distressed after consuming psychedelics.

This led to discord between the two artists. Banks asserted that during the three-day period she spent “confined” inside the mansion, she had minimal interaction with Musk and Grimes.

The list of celebrities does not end here, with the rapper going after most of the famous artists in the industry. But one thing is for certain; we will always be entertained regarding Azealia Banks and her feuds.

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