How Is The Late SnakebytesTv Brian Barczyk Wife Coping With Her Loss?

How Is The Late SnakebytesTv Brian Barczyk Wife Coping With Her Loss?

SnakebytesTv Brian Barczyk Wife. Image Credit: Instagram.

The reptile expert Brian Barczyk‘s death while fighting pancreatic cancer has shocked the world and his subscribers.

Everyone is concerned about SnakebytesTv Brian Barczyk wife and how she is coping with her loss. So, let’s learn about the beloved partner who stood beside her husband at every moment.

Who Is SnakebytesTv Brian Barczyk Wife?

Brian Barczyk’s wife is Lori Barczyk, and they were married for 30 years. They met at the University of Michigan while both were studying biology.

The couple got married in 1992 and were very happy with their decision. They share two children: a son named Noah Barczyk and a daughter named Jade Barczyk. Noah was born in 1998, while Jade was born in 2002.

SnakebytesTv Brian Barczyk Wife
SnakebytesTv Brian Barczyk Wife. Image Credit: Instagram.

The whole family is passionate animal lovers. Lori helped her husband run The Reptarium and always supported him. She also used to be deeply involved in animal care and breeding initiatives.

SnakebytesTv Brian Barczyk wife is interested in gardening, cinema, and culinary arts, and she especially loves dogs. The couple always shared an unwavering bond in their relationship.

Reason Behind The Death

No one could believe that Brian Barczyk is no longer with us. In March 2023, the reptile expert Brian Barczyk was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

The subscribers of Brian Barczyk already saw this coming as the SnakebytesTv Brian uploaded an Emotional YouTube video where he sent a farewell message one week before he left this world.

SnakebytesTv Brian Barczyk Wife
SnakebytesTv Brian Barczyk Wife. Image Credit: Instagram.

Brian never hid his pancreatic cancer diagnosis from his subscribers and fans and always kept them up to date about his condition. Brian said that 2023 had been tough for him because of his ups and downs treatment, and he was sick of it.

The reptile expert also mentioned entering hospice care, and he finally said bye to this world at his home in Michigan on January 14, 2024. He is no longer in this world, but the fans he made will never forget him.

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Let’s Know About Lori Barczyk’s Condition

Saying goodbye to your loved ones and close ones is never as easy as it is for SnakebytesTv Brian Barczyk’s wife. Brian’s fans could not accept that he was no longer in this world, and the same went for his family and close ones.

Lori is not in good condition and is inactive on her social media. She has not talked about Brian and is undoubtedly going through a hard time.

Brian Barczyk wife
SnakebytesTv Brian Barczyk wife. Image Credit: Instagram.

Many fans are tagging and expressing their emotion through Instagram, but Lori has not given any update on her condition, and we can only hope for her to be okay and healthy.

The last update from Lori was through her Instagram post, which she posted on December 22, 2023. Lori and her family are having a hard time, so we should also give them time and space.

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The Reptarium Update: A Reptile Zoo

The Reptarium is a reptile zoo founded by the reptile expert Brian Barczyk in Utica, Michigan. Even if Brian is no longer with us today, he has touched many hearts and minds globally through his passion for the reptiles and wildlife.

Brian’s reptile zoo holds around 3000 animals and is trying to complete an extension across from the present building, calling it the LegaSea Aquarium.

The reptile expert expressed his sadness through his video as he might not be able to see it completed but has asked his fans to come and visit him at the LegaSea as his spirit will be there.

Lori has always supported Brian and helped him manage The Reptarium, so in the coming days, she will help her husband’s work and not let it go to waste.


Q. Who is SnakebytesTv Brian Barczyk Wife?

A. His wife is Lori Barczyk.

Q. Who founded The Reptarium?

A. Brian Barczyk founded The Reptarium.

Q. When did Brian Barczyk leave this world?

A. He left this world on January 14, 2024.

Published On: January 24, 2024

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