Who is Kellyn Acosta’s Girlfriend? Do have Any kids?

Who is Kellyn Acosta’s Girlfriend? Do have Any kids?

In this article, let's find out if the talented soccer player, Kellyn Acosta has a girlfriend. Image Source: Hali Carleton Facebook.

The soccer prodigy Kellyn Acosta has been making a name for himself in the sport. Currently playing for Los Angeles FC (LAFC) of Major League Soccer side as a midfielder. Likewise, he also plays for the United States Men’s National soccer team (USMNT) and has been admired by many worldwide.

To those curious about Kellyn Acosta’s girlfriend, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we will be discussing in detail about his romantic relationships and more. So, stick with us till the end to know who reigns in the heart of the soccer star.

Is the Player Dating Anyone?

Once one comes into the limelight, keeping their personal lives out of people’s businesses is pretty difficult. Like that, Acosta’s love life has been the topic of curiosity for many. Many women admire him and want to be his significant other.

But it might break their heart after knowing Kellyn is in a relationship. Yes, you heard it right. The handsome player is madly in love with Hali Carleton. While their meet-cute and relationship timeline remains a mystery, some sites have reported that the couple began dating in 2021.

No matter when the pair started their romantic journey, they seem madly in love with one another. The duo has shared a few pictures on their Facebook. Furthermore, Kellyn Acosta’s girlfriend is a Cardiac Sonographer and works at Hoag Health. Before that, she worked at The Medical Center of Aurora from November 2021 to March 2022.

Additionally, Kellyn’s lover went to Georgia Southern University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Hali, who also minored in Criminal Justice, went to school for Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

A Father of One

Kellyn is not only a talented soccer player but also a doting dad to his baby boy. According to some sites, Kellyn Acosta’s son, Emerson Acosta, was born on August 12, 2018. The player loves his kid dearly and is raising him with immense love and care.

In the 2020 season, Kellyn spent most of his time at home with his son. Due to the season suspension, his day-to-day activities included workouts, and when he was not working out, he spent most of the time chasing his son around the house. In addition, the father-son duo watched several movies, ate random food, and built things.

In an interview, the athlete mentioned how he kept his kid entertained. For example, he built him a table so that he could eat and color on it. Likewise, they were living in an apartment at that time, which was tough. So, Acosta bought a house so his baby boy could have a bigger space to hang out and play.

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Is Kellyn Acosta’s Girlfriend His Baby Mama?

As mentioned earlier, the soccer prodigy is a doting dad and a loving partner. Kelly and his girlfriend often shared pictures of spending time with his son. So naturally, this made fans wonder if Hali is Kellyn Acosta’s baby mama. However, she is not, as Emerson was born in 2018, and the couple started dating in 2021.

Kellyn Acosta’s girlfriend seems close to his son and loves him dearly. She has often shared pictures of him. We hope their bond remains the same. Likewise, we also look forward to knowing about Kellyn’s baby mama in the near future.

Is The Couple Still Together?

Kellyn and Hali look adorable, undoubtedly, and fans are in awe of the cute pair. However, when we go through their Instagram pages, they have not followed one another, and there are no pictures of them together. This raised the eyebrows of many, and there has been a constant question, i.e., did the pair call it quits?

On the other hand, Kellyn Acosta’s girlfriend has not deleted any pictures from his Facebook, and he also has one photo of three of them. So, whether the duo is together or has already broken up is unclear.

Kellyn Acosta's partner
Kellyn Acosta’s lover, Hali Carleton, has not deleted any pictures with him from her Facebook. Image Source: Hali Carleton Facebook.

We hope everything is well between Kellyn and Hali. We look forward to knowing the truth of their relationship soon. Our best wishes are with the lovebirds.

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