Get To Know About The Starface Co-founder Julie Schott’s Spouse: Is She Seeing Anyone?

Get To Know About The Starface Co-founder Julie Schott’s Spouse: Is She Seeing Anyone?

Julie Schott's love life. Image Source: Instagram.

Have you been facing or faced acne problems lately? Starface is a company whose goal is to free people from pimple problems and acne problems.

Here, we will be having a glimpse of Starface and its founder, Julie Schott. Furthermore, we will also be having a close look into Julie Schott’s love life.

Meet The Founder, Julie Schott

  • Julie was born in Illinois and moved to the United Kingdom with her family at four, and stayed there for ten years.
  • At 15, she returned to America, where she attended high school in Connecticut.
  • As a child, Julie had an intense interest in magazines and spent excessive amounts on printed copies since digital versions were not yet available back then.
  • Despite being unskilled in theater and performance, she enjoyed participating. Academically speaking, Julie didn’t stand out during her time as a student.
  • After attending Pratt Institute, she chose to stay in Brooklyn rather than return home or move elsewhere.
  • For around twelve years after college graduation, Julie lived primarily in New York and then moved to Los Angeles.

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A Dip into Julie Schott’s Love Life

After making significant progress, rumors have been circulating about the existence of an unknown supporter who has been aiding her journey.

However, no details regarding Julie Schott’s love life are available. It is possible that she deliberately kept this information confidential to safeguard her partner’s anonymity and privacy.

Additionally, it could be that Julie prefers to follow her life companion’s wish to avoid any public attention or scrutiny.

Another plausible explanation could be that Ms. Schott is either unmarried or dating someone behind closed doors; hence there hasn’t been any news relating to her personal relationships publicly revealed yet.

Broken Engagement

Julie Schott, the creator of Starface, was previously involved with well-known personality Eddie Huang, an American chef, author, and former lawyer.

It is not known when and how the couple met. The duo reportedly tattooed one another names. Also, they were often spotted together at several events.

Unfortunately, their engagement ended abruptly without any clear explanation behind it. While the reason behind their split remains shrouded in mystery to date, some forum pages speculated they broke up due to Eddie’s mom.

Julie Shott’s then-fiance was a co-owner at BaoHaus, which is located in Lower Manhattan’s East Village, and also hosted a show called Huang’s World for Viceland.

Some of Huang’s remarkable works include Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir and Double Cup Love: On the Trail of Family, Food, and Broken Hearts in China.

The Motivation Behind Establishing The Company

Julie has been preoccupied with acne for a long time. She experienced it herself in her twenties when she started working seriously.

Schott’s worst breakout happened to coincide with the beginning of a new job, but as an entry-level beauty assistant, she finally had access to doctors that might not otherwise have been available to her.

To cure her acne problem, Julie attempted different treatments and documented her journey over ten years.

During this period, the entrepreneur saw significant advancements in other aspects of the beauty industry because of social media innovation.

Julie Schott's Love Life
Julie Schott’s Love Life. Image Source: Instagram.

However, there have been hardly any noticeable changes in how people communicate regarding acne since childhood.

For this reason, she initiated Starface, which aims at freeing individuals from their pimple problems while keeping things simple and friendly.

Similarly, you may be interested in knowing about another beauty company SkinOwl’s founder Annie Tevelin.

A Bit About The Starface 

Starface is a business that focuses on creating bright yellow hydro-star using hydrocolloids.

These special stars can absorb the liquid inside a pimple, preventing bacteria and skin-picking.

Starface has affordable prices ranging from $22-49 for these products as well as other skincare options such as facial cleansers, serums, and sunscreens under their brand name.


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The founders of Starface wanted everyone to feel good about their acne, so they created an atmosphere where people could talk openly without feeling ashamed or embarrassed.

As part of its future goals, Starface wants to expand its reach around the world while also investing profits into growing strategically in Europe & Canada by improving team diversity and developing new items suitable for all customers.

So, in the coming days, we hope that information regarding Starface founder Julie Schott’s dating life will be revealed and we wish the company achieves even greater success.

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