6 Key Factors That Contributed to Streamer Enviosity’s Rise to Fame

The intuitive tale of Genshin Impact attracts many gamers and steamers for content development. Enviosity, the most-watched Genshin Impact streamer on Twitch, is one such player. But what factors have contributed to the YouTuber cum streamer’s rise to fame? Continue reading to find out Streamer Enviosity’s facts and other information. 

6. His Gaming Career So Far

Enviosity is a popular Twitch personality. He rose to prominence as a part of the Super Mario Maker 2 crew. 

One of Streamer Enviosity’s facts is that he was the most dominant player in the gold maker competition, winning eleven gold medals. 

In 2019, Enviostity began playing Multiplayer Versus. In August, he broke into the top 10 worldwide ranks in Versus.

However, because the streamer did not log into his account for 30 consecutive days, his account was removed from the leaderboard. 

Finally, in 2020, Enviosity investigated a number of games. Genshin Impact aroused his curiosity among them.

5. He Mainly Streams Genshin Impact on Twitch

After playing Genshin Impact for a while, the streamer was hooked. He broadcasts it on Twitch daily, with 766K followers, and uploads Genshin videos on YouTube every few days. 

With the amount of stuff Enviosity develops for the game, it’s easy to assume he understands it inside and out.

The thing about Genshin is that it is a gacha game, meaning you can get better items if you spend money on it. But Enviosity chose to take the Free to play (f2p) route and not spend money on it. 

This decision paid off as most of the streamer’s viewers tuned in to see him compete with the best players with his limited resources.

If Enviosity had chosen to spend cash on the game, he wouldn’t have stood out as much, and his fame wouldn’t be as immense.

4. Enviosity Also Plays Other Games While Streaming

While Genshin is his go-to game for content creation, Enviosity also plays and streams other games on his channel. He also does comparisons and reviews and doesn’t shy away from giving his opinion. 

Streamer Enviosity’s facts
Streamer Enviosity’s facts. Image Source: Instagram.

Because the gamer’s gaming pool is so diverse, viewers from all over come to watch his videos. His fan base keeps increasing because he is involved in many games.

3. Streamer Enviosity’s Facts: His YouTube Channel Has More Than 84 Million Views 

Enviosity also has a YouTube channel named after himself, where he uploads snippets of his Twitch stream and other short videos. He is also widely popular on that, with over 438K subscribers.

The total number of videos on that channel amounts to 1.4K. The streamer might also be earning a decent amount through his YouTube channels.

According to Social Blade, Enviosity’s earnings from his YouTube channel, Enviosity, are $4.2K to $67.6K manually, while every month, he earns around $352 to $5.6K.

In addition, Enviosity has two smaller channels: Enviosity Clips and Enviosity Extras, where he uploads short clips and entire Twitch clips, respectively.

2. His TikTok Account is Also Gaining Popularity

Enviosity recently made a TikTok account where he uploads short, fun videos to watch content mainly from Genshin.

With 7455 followers and over 218.2K likes, the YouTuber is well on his way to expanding his reach to more people. 

With the majority of young people on TikTok, the platform is an excellent source of gaining newer viewers and building the content creator’s influence. 

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1. Enviosity, The Name Inspired From Anime

Unfortunately, we still don’t know Enviosity’s true name or what he looks like. He is currently hiding in the dark. His handle on all of his social media accounts is Enviosity. 

In an interview, the gamer revealed that his online username stems from the anime Full Alchemist: The Brotherhood. He further noted not wanting to disclose his real name.

But one thing is certain, Enviosity couldn’t have reached where he is today without the love and support of his fans.

For that, the YouTuber is eternally grateful and plans to keep making content that will help his viewers and keep them entertained.

We will keep tabs on the star and update you guys if we have any new developments. Till then, we wish him much more success in his undertakings.

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