Everything You Need to Know About Marin Čilić’s Wife

Everything You Need to Know About Marin Čilić’s Wife

Marin Čilić's Wife. Image Source: Instagram.

Tennis is something more than a game that is just not limited to the boundaries of the court. Every successful player has someone to guide their personal and professional trajectories. Marin Cilic is no different.

Hence, this article will delve into Marin Čilić’s wife, an exceptional woman known for her resilience, sacrifice, and influence in Marin Čilić life.

Get To Know More About Marin Čilić

  • The Croatian tennis player was born on September 28, 1988, in Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina, to his parents, Zdenko Čilić and Koviljka Čilić.
  • The professional player performs well on every type of court, but he considers hard and grass his best surface.
  • Marin has secured many different titles in his tennis career, among which the 2016 ATP Masters 1000 Cincinnati title, clinched the 2018 Davis Cup for Croatia, and earned a silver medal in the All-Croatian men’s doubles final at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics remains at the top.
  • Despite being an amazing tennis player, he has diverse interests and enthusiasm. He is a huge fan of AC Milan and supports the Croatian national team. Moreover, he admires football players Ricardo Kaka and Robson de Souza.
  • Marin is actively engaged in philanthropic works too. He has set up his own foundation called Marin Cilic Foundation, from which he provides children with improved access to education.

Pillar of Strength: Marin Čilić’s Wife

It is very hard to find someone who understands the profession’s needs and, at the same time, provides assurance in every aspect.

However, tennis player Marin Čilić is lucky enough to find all this in Kristina Milković. Marin Čilić’s girlfriend-turned-wife is an amazing, outgoing person from Croatia.

The beautiful couple met in 2008 during Davis Cup, where Marin was playing for the Croatian team while Kristina was the hostess for the match.

Marin and Kristina started to date each other after a short meeting. After being together for almost 8 years, the couple engaged in July 2017.

Marin Čilić's Wife
Marin Čilić’s Wife. Image Source: Instagram.

With the intention of accompanying each other for a lifetime, the duo tied the knot in April 2018 at the Sveti Nikola Church in Cavtat. Their marriage was like a huge festival where everyone was sharing joy and love.

Even from their wedding pictures, one can witness the love and affection between them. But the couple believes in keeping things private and are tight-lipped about sharing any details of their relationship.

However, tennis player often shares a glimpse of their personal life on social media, and from that, it is obvious to say that the couple is happily enjoying every moment of their married life.

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Prefers Low Key Life

Kristina Milković has created her own individual and independent persona apart from being Marin Čilić’s wife. 

Marin Čilić’s partner graduated from the University of Zagreb in 2014 with two master’s degrees in psychology and political science. Gaining this level of academic success makes her an intellectual person. 

Moreover, as per many sources, Kristina was recruited as an employee by Zagrebacka Banka, the largest bank in Croatia, after getting her master’s degree.

Likewise, Marin Čilić’s spouse is actively sharing her experience and knowledge with youths.

Marin Čilić's Wife
Marin Čilić’s Wife. Image Source: Social Media.

The psychologist and HR expert Kristina Milković Čilić visited the students of applied science at Zagreb University to share the trends of the job selection process in Croatia.

Even though Kristina shows exceptional professionalism, she prefers to stay low-key about her private life. Kristina has her Instagram account private to protect her privacy.

Hence, we can conclude that Marin Čilić’s spouse lives a fulfilling life staying away from the limelight.

Mother of Two Children

Entering a new phase in life together must be a special moment for Marin and Kristina. After two years of marriage, the couple decided to enter the path of parenthood by welcoming a new member to their family, Baldo Čilić.

Baldo was born on January 31, 2020, and the proud dad shared this amazing moment with his fans, saying that the family has been a team of three.

As time passed, the new parents decided to have someone as a best friend for Baldo and make their family a team of four with the birth of Vito Čilić on September 6, 2021.

Marin Čilić's Wife
Marin Čilić’s Wife. Image Source: Social Media.

The new mom and dad are enjoying their new phase in life, spending quality time with their children and vacationing around.

Hence, we wish that the couple stick together for a very long time and continue to share other different phases in their life.

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