5 Things You Didn’t Know About Tony Dutrow’s Wife

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Tony Dutrow’s Wife

Tony Dutrow's Wife. Image Source: Facebook.

Tony Dutrow has been in the industry for almost 50 years. To recap his career in a few words, he is widely considered one of the country’s finest horse trainers and a big-shot racing celebrity. 

Tony Dutrow’s wife runs Team D, the name of his family business, with him and their three sons. So let’s wear our cowboy hats and learn about the family, primarily focusing on Mrs. Dutrow. 

5. Tony Dutrow’s Wife Speaks for her Husband

Tony Dutrow, the son of famed trainer Dick Dutrow, began working at his father’s stable at the age of ten. He is the eldest of three Dutrow brothers, who have all trained horses, and his wife, Kim Dutrow, helps him operate the stable.

Tony arrives at the track at 4 a.m. every day of the week and is utterly dedicated to his profession. He is the driving force behind the family machine. He is quiet; therefore, Kim is there to talk for him. Tony Dutrow’s spouse’s extroverted personality wonderfully complements his introverted persona. Together they make an unbeatable team.

4. A Caring Mother Through and Through

In the Dutrow stable, a large red D logo inscribed on a field of black graces the side as horses and humans wander beneath the trees. It is pastoral and quiet and belies the intensity and work required to manage a stakes-winning barn on the country’s most demanding circuits. A lot of that energy and activity comes from Kim. 


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Kim, Tony Dutrow’s significant other of 23 years, is a crucial part of his racing company, establishing shortlists at auctions, putting up barns, and finding homes for horses when their racing days are through.

You would be surprised to learn that Kim, also lovingly called Kimmy, is the mother of 3 kids who all have grown up to become fine gentlemen. Only God knows how she finds time and energy to manage her kids and the barn and still look for homes for retired horses. 

Kim Dutrow and her husband’s three children are James Dutrow, John Dutrow, and Anthony Dutrow. The latter has worked as a blacksmith for over a decade now. James is also involved in their stable.

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3. Kim is a Fiercely Loyal Individual

Tony Dutrow’s spouse has said that Team D is her baby, and it was especially significant for her because of the people there. The staffs are all old-time Maryland people who have been with the Dutrows for years. Tony is an old-time Maryland person, while his father, Dick, was a top trainer there.

Tony Dutrow's wife
Tony Dutrow’s wife. Image Source: Instagram.

The Dutrows have long managed partnerships under various names, but Team D is especially fitting. When asked whether she would change the name, she stressed that the name would stay the same because of the people’s loyalty. In addition, Tony Dutrow’s significant other doesn’t want to tarnish fifteen years of partnership by changing the name of the family business.

2. Salt of the Earth

Tony Dutrow’s spouse is so lively and outgoing that most people wouldn’t associate her with hard labor, but she goes in and gets to work every day. When you first saw her, you wouldn’t think she’d be the sort of person to undertake hard labor, but the fact couldn’t be further from the truth.

Kimmy helps set up and tear down the barn daily and is fearless in getting her hands filthy to get the job done. Of course, most wouldn’t prefer shoveling mountains of horse poo, but that is Kim’s day-to-day chore. Tony Dutrow’s partner realizes that no work is too minor, and she believes there is no shame in caring for her children.

1. One-Person PR Team

Kimmy talks to everyone to get the family business name out there. She manages all of the networking and does it better than anybody else in the company. Because of her efforts, the Dutrow family firm is so well-known. Tony Dutrow’s wife doesn’t shy away when talking about Team D with strangers and encourages others to do the same.

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Tony Dutrow and his children are astounded by Kim’s dedication and hard-working nature. Tony, in particular, thinks himself extremely lucky to have married a superhero.

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