Who is TooD Beauty Founder Shari Siadat’s Ex-Husband? Story of Embracing Own Skin and Identity

Who is TooD Beauty Founder Shari Siadat’s Ex-Husband? Story of Embracing Own Skin and Identity

Shari Siadat's Ex-Husband. Image Source: Instagram.

Shari Siadat‘s Tood Beauty is a cosmetic company that values being clean, effective, and vibrant. The brand also prioritizes friendliness to the environment, as reflected in its non-toxic products. 

Here we will have a closer look into the brand’s founder and scrape out details about Shari Siadat‘s ex-husband. So, follows us while we walk through the entrepreneur’s mystery life.

TooD Beauty Founder Shari Siadat

  • Sari Siadat is a multi-talented individual who is not only an accomplished author of children’s books but also a gifted dancer, model, landscape architect, and surfer.
  • Along with all these achievements, she has also established herself firmly in various social capacities, including serving as the founder of TooD Beauty.
  • Originally born in Columbia, Maryland; Shari spent a major part of her childhood residing in Boxborough, Massachusetts.
  • Shari Siadat’s father, Barry B. Siadat, was the managing director of Arsenal Capital Partners and also chaired Velsicol Chemical Corporation.
  • Shari Siadat’s mother, Afsaneh Z. Siadat, worked as a French teacher at a middle school in StirlingNew Jersey.

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Who Is Shari Siadat’s Ex-Husband?

It is currently uncertain whether or not Shari Siadat is married or single. However, what we do know is that the founder has an ex-husband.

Shari exchanged vows with Nicholas Loeffler on March 18, 2007. Currently, Shari Siadat’s ex-spouse is working as Sr. Manager in West Monroe Partners.

Nicholas worked as directing manager of the Simplistics Corporation – a management consulting group located in Manhattan aiming to increase operational efficiency by applying industrial engineering principles.

Shari Siadat’s ex-hubby is the founder of Simplistics Corporation and has earned Bachelors Of Science in Operation Research and Industrial Engineering from Cornell University.

Prior to marrying her, Shari Siadat’s former husband was married to another woman. 

Why Did The Couple Divorce?

Following their wedding, the couple was blessed with a total of three offspring – all daughters.

The two elder siblings, Scarlett Sage, and Savannah Olivia, inherited features that were considered fair in complexion.


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In contrast, the youngest member of the family name, Selene Soliel, bore a resemblance to her mother’s appearance, which had a darker skin tone than her sisters and a prominent unibrow.

Regrettably, however, despite their once happy union, this pair drifted apart for reasons not yet disclosed by either party involved.

Story of Embracing Own Skin and Identity

Shari faced constant teasing for her physical features, such as a unibrow, hairy limbs, and tanned skin. This caused her deep emotional pain, which made her feel the need to change herself in order to survive socially.

After moving to Boca Raton during eighth grade, Shari saw this as an opportunity to start over again by wearing masks that gave her power and confidence.

When Shari removed her unibrow for the first time, it helped give her a new perspective on life and allowed her to embrace being human.

This experience continued throughout Shari’s life with regard to how she groomed herself, what relationships or jobs she pursued, and even whom she befriended.

Shari Siadat's Ex-Husband
Shari Siadat’s Ex-Husband. Image Source: Instagram.

The entrepreneur attended college in New York, where the diversity of the community made her feel more connected.

After obtaining a double major in information technology and marketing from business school, she pursued a career in pharmaceuticals before getting married and having children.

The businesswoman’s first two daughters inherited fair features, while the youngest shared her own striking looks.

This realization led Shari to question why she didn’t treat herself with the same love and admiration as she did for her child’s beauty.

The founder understood that if she couldn’t accept who she was, then her children would absorb those negative feelings and follow suit.

 So, before leaving, we would like to extend our best wishes to Shari Siadat and her children and hope the best for their future endeavors. 

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