Who is Hyper Skin Founder Desiree Verdejo’s Husband? A Look on Her Hyper Ecstatic Family Life

Who is Hyper Skin Founder Desiree Verdejo’s Husband? A Look on Her Hyper Ecstatic Family Life

Desiree Verdejo's Husband. Image Source: Instagram.

Have you heard of the company Hyper Skin? Here we will be talking about the company and its founder, Desiree Verdejo.

In addition to the founder’s journey, we will also be exploring Desiree Verdejo’s husband. So, stay with us as we go into the founder’s love life.

A Bit About Desiree Verdejo

  • Desiree, the brilliant mind behind Hyper Skin, made it her life’s purpose to revolutionize the beauty industry that has long ignored individuals like herself.
  • With a background in law and an unwavering love for everything related to beauty, she established a brand that caters specifically to skin issues faced by people of color, such as hyperpigmentation and acne scarring.
  • Verdejo was born and raised in New York City.
  • Desiree is not only an entrepreneur but also represents black women who have always been consumers of the cosmetic market.
  • Being attuned with what cosmetics should offer drove her passion towards replacing gaps in this line, thus switching careers from being a lawyer years ago before debuting as the founder of an indie boutique dedicated solely to addressing these needs.

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Motivation To Building Hyper Skin

Desiree Verdejo faced various challenges with acne during her teenage years, which later escalated to adult-hormonal acne and hyperpigmentation issues.

Unfortunately, Desiree could not find suitable skincare products that catered to the specific concerns of people of color like herself who struggled with similar skin problems as hers.

Feeling frustrated about the lack of diversity in skincare options available on the market, Desiree decided to take matters into her own hands.


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The entrepreneur founded Hyper Skin – a simple yet effective skincare brand that embraces multiculturalism and acknowledges how different skin tones have unique needs when it comes to treating dark spots and discoloration.

Through this meaningful initiative, Desiree aims not only to address such key issues but also to celebrate diversity within the beauty space by providing more representation for Black and brown individuals.

Desiree Verdejo’s Husband

As Desiree garners more attention, numerous individuals have begun to inquire about her romantic affairs. People are becoming curious about whether or not the founder is married.

Fortunately, the simple answer is – Yes! Desiree has already exchanged vows with Shamil Turner, and they are happily together to date.

The couple also shares two adorable children named Corbin Turner and Ellington Turner, who bring immense joy into their lives.

Desiree Verdejo's Husband
Desiree Verdejo’s Husband. Image Source: Instagram.

Desiree frequently shares pictures on Instagram that proudly showcase the love-filled bond they share as well as moments of contentment in their daily life.

It’s quite evident that both partners’ connection flourishes every day, making them feel truly blessed and satisfied in each other’s company.

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Who Is Shamil Turner?

Desiree Verdejo’s spouse currently holds the position of Global Solutions Architect Lead at Figma.

In addition, Turner has gained valuable work experience in tech giants like Dropbox, Facebook, and Metalogix Software, among many other reputable organizations.

Desiree Verdejo’s other half had predominantly been associated with tech-related firms throughout his career journey.

This indicates Shamil’s significant interest and passion for emerging technologies and digital innovation.

Shamil had pursued computer engineering at Fairfield University, where he obtained an extensive understanding of this domain which paved a successful path forward for him within various dynamic technology-focused industries.

We wish Desiree Verdejo’s husband continues achieving success in his ventures like hers. Also, we hope that Hyper Skin will prosper even more in the near future.

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