Everything You Need To Know About The Try Guys’ Keith Habersberger’s Wife And Baby

Everything You Need To Know About The Try Guys’ Keith Habersberger’s Wife And Baby

Keith Habersberger's Wife. Image Credit: Instagram.

One of the Try Guys, Keith Habersberger, is mostly known for incorporating his comedy and humor in their YouTube channel. He previously worked as a junior video producer at BuzzFeed.

Also recognized as the former BuzzFeed video producer, today we will be talking about Keith Habersberger’s wife. So, stay with us till the end.

Man of Many Talents

  • Born as Keith Douglas Habersberger on June 18, 1987, he grew up in Carthage, Tennessee, USA.
  • Keith has two brothers named Dave and Brian Habersberger; the latter is a Twitch streamer. They were born to parents Donald and Patricia Habersberger.
  • Keith, along with his BuzzFeed friends Ned Fulmer, Eugene Lee Yang, and Zach Kornfeld, formed the company The Try Guys in 2014.
  • Besides YouTube, Keith is an accomplished comedian, musician, and entrepreneur.

Keith Habersberger’s Wife: A Grand Wedding in Illinois

Those who follow The Try Guys are familiar with Keith Habersberger’s personal life. For those we don’t know, we have all the details.

Keith Habersberger from The Try Guys is married to his wife, Becky Habersberger. The couple first met each other while studying at Illinois State University. Therefore, Keith and his longtime girlfriend, Becky, have been together since their college days.

Keith Habersberger's Wife
Keith Habersberger’s Wife. Image Credit: Instagram.

Keith and Becky Habersberger exchanged their wedding rings on September 24, 2017. They kissed each other and became husband and wife in the presence of their friends and families. On the big day, Keith’s friends, Ned, Eugene, and Zach, were the most excited besides the groom’s family.

‘The Try Guys’ vlogged Keith’s wedding and shared the happy moments on BuzzFeed Video’s YouTube channel. The marriage ceremony took place at CD&ME wedding venue located in Frankfort, Illinois.

Keith Habersberger Wife
Keith Habersberger Wife. Image Credit: Social Media.

For the big day, Keith and all of his groomsmen wore a navy suit. Meanwhile, Becky looked stunning in a sleeveless wedding dress. It has been six years since the couple has been married.

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What Does Keith Habersberger’s Spouse Do For A Living?

While Becky is a celebrity wife, she prefers to stay behind the limelight. However, she frequently shares pictures of her family and her husband on social media.

Born as Rebecca Miller on May 26, 1990, in Palos Hills, Illinois, Becky works as a make-up artist, podcaster, and entrepreneur. Her parents are Don Miller and Kimberly Miller. Likewise, Becky has a brother named Michael James Miller.

Keith Habersberger's Wife
Keith Habersberger’s Wife. Image Credit: Instagram.

Like her husband, Becky studied acting at Illinois State University. Later, she studied makeup designory. As per her LinkedIn profile, Becky has been working as a rooftop server at Montage Hotels and Resorts since January 2015.

But looking at Becky’s social media, it seems she has left her server job. At present, Keith Habersberger’s wife, Becky, is a podcaster and beauty enthusiast. In addition, she is often spotted in her partner’s YouTube videos.

Welcoming Their First Child

In July 2022, Becky shared throwback pictures of her early romance with Keith Habersberger. She captioned the picture: 11 years. However, it took them a decade to become parents. Was there some complications?

As per sources, Keith and his wife, Becky, had a mutual understanding regarding their plans for a child. Similarly, Becky kept her pregnancy private, and Keith supported her decisions.

Keith Habersberger's Wife
Keith Habersberger’s Wife. Image Credit: Instagram.

In September 2023, Keith Habersberger’s wife, Becky, delivered their first baby boy named Henry Habersberger. Becky revealed that she delivered her son at 33 weeks while she and her husband, Keith, were on vacation outside of LA.

Nonetheless, The Try Guys‘ member, Keith, is living happily with his longtime partner. However, he hasn’t shared if he will take a break from his YouTube venture and his side business.


Q: Is Keith from Try Guys married?

A: Yes, Keith Habersberger is a married man.

Q: Did Keith Habersberger have a baby?

A: Yes, Keith and his wife, Becky Habersberger, welcomed their first baby in September 2023.

Q: When did Keith marry Becky?

A: Keith Habersberger married his longtime girlfriend, Becky in September 2017.

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