Who is Linda Yaccarino’s Husband? Everything You Need To Know About Her Personal Life

Who is Linda Yaccarino’s Husband? Everything You Need To Know About Her Personal Life

Linda Yaccarino's Husband. Image Source: Instagram.

Elon Musk has finally found a new Twitter CEO in Linda Yaccarino, as he announced on Twitter that she would take over his role. 

But not many people know about the personal life of the new CEO. For example, who is she married to? Learn about Linda Yaccarino’s husband and how his presence has been essential in her life.

Who Is Linda Yaccarino

  • Linda Yaccarino, a distinguished alumnus of Pennsylvania State University, has made significant strides in the advertising industry since 2011 when she joined NBCUniversal as their global advertising and partnership chairman.
  • With more than three decades of experience in the field, Linda possesses a profound understanding of content development amidst its ever-evolving nature.
  • Recently, Linda’s name came into the limelight following Elon Musk’s announcement to step down from his position as CEO at Twitter less than a year after acquiring it.
  • While Mr. Musk remains as owner of this popular platform, he is handing over the reins to Linda.
  • Linda is prominent in professional circles and frequently appears on various social media channels, such as Twitter, to interact with her followers.

Perfect For The Job Of Twitter CEO

Ms. Yaccarino is an exceptional example of a woman at the helm of a major technology company, given that women lead less than 10% of Fortune 500 tech companies.

Linda has advanced progressively through leadership positions in some of America’s largest media firms with her amicable demeanor toward colleagues and clients.

The CEO has a unique method of collaborating with well-known companies to find ways to showcase their products on TV shows.

The media executive is particularly good at convincing people to advertise alongside tv shows, even for programs that are considered controversial, like Sex and the City, when it first came out.

Besides this feat, she initiated collaborations with modern-day platforms like Apple News, Snapchat, and YouTube, building positive relationships over time.

Thus Elon chose her as his successor and someone he thinks can take Twitter to new heights.

Linda Yaccarino’s Husband

Through Linda’s Twitter feed, it is evident that Linda enjoys engaging with her extensive following of over 422K users.

Whether promoting an event or sharing a compelling article, it seems clear that Linda has no qualms about publicizing her posts.

In contrast, Claude Peter Madrazo, Linda Yaccarino’s husband, remains a mystery online as he does not have any social media accounts in his name accessible to the public.

Although Claude prefers to maintain a low profile online. His previous and current job positions are not disclosed either.

Despite this, Claude has made his rare appearance alongside his wife in pictures shared by Linda on her Instagram account.

However, the new CEO of Twitter has now made her Instagram private.

Linda Yaccarino's Husband
Linda Yaccarino’s Husband. Image Source: Instagram.

Both are Italian and originally from Sea Cliff, NY, which adds further significance to their bond as partners.

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They Have 2 Children Together

Linda and Claude were married for many years, during which they parented two children, a daughter Christian Madrazo and a son Matthew Madrazo.

It appears that Linda’s children have followed in their father’s footsteps by exercising discretion when disclosing details about themselves online.

Linda Yaccarino’s daughter, Christian, works as a pediatric nurse at New York Presbyterian Hospital.

On the other hand, Matthew avoids self-promotion on social media networks, so nothing much about him is known.

Linda Yaccarino has undertaken a new challenge, and the support of her other half and her children will be of utmost importance to her. We hope she finds success at her new job.

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