Discovering The Secret Behind Nigel Ng’s Success: Meet The Woman Behind The Comedian

Discovering The Secret Behind Nigel Ng’s Success: Meet The Woman Behind The Comedian

Nigel Ng is a popular comedian who was married to Eva Steiner. Image Source: mrnigelng Instagram.

Nigel Ng, best known online as Uncle Roger, is a Malaysian stand-up comedian and internet sensation based in London, England. He usually cracks jokes about many East, Southeast, and South Asian stereotypes. Having been portrayed as a middle-aged man on social media, many are wondering who Nigel Ng’s girlfriend is.

Nigel, who has been gaining immense fame in his professional venture, must have many suitressess wanting to get his attention. So why don’t we have a look at this article to learn more about Nigel Ng’s dating life and the woman behind his successful comedy career?

Grew Up In Kuala Lumpur

Nigel Ng was born on March 15, 1991, as Nigel Ng Kin-ju in Kuala Lumpur. His parents are Malaysian Chinese with a Hokkien background. Furthermore, his mother works as a full-time housewife, and his father is a car salesperson. He grew up with a brother and a sister; the latter is a professional harmonica player.


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Talking about academics, Ng graduated from Kuala Lumpur’s Chong Hwa Independent High School in 2009. He then relocated to the U.S. to attend Northwestern University, where he majored in engineering and minored in philosophy.

The well-known comedian earned his degree in 2014 and began his first job in IT by using what he had learned in college. He worked as a data scientist and had his own GitHub page. When he started college, he decided to become a comedian because he realized he was pretty funny at parties.

We will also be discussing the secret behind Nigel Ng’s success. So, stay with us till the end to find out about Nigel Ng’s girlfriend.

Similarly, Tucker Boner is another YouTuber who has been gaining massive popularity recently.

Is Auntie Helen Nigel Ng’s Real Ex?

If you watch Nigel Ng’s videos often, you might see him making fun of his ex-wife, Auntie Helen. He uses her as a punchline and roasts everything about her. Since he often uses her name, fans are intrigued by her, and they even make videos of themselves as “Auntie Helen.” In fact, several YouTubers, including Nina the Pooh and Rachel Hopes, have portrayed the role of Helen.

Speculations about whether Auntie Helen is the comedian’s actual ex-wife have circulated the internet. So, who is Auntie Helen? Is she a real-life person or just a made-up character? Let’s find out.

While the character is entirely fictional, it appears that he might have some real-life inspiration for it. Some of the sites have reported that a comedian, Evelyn Mok, is Nigel Ng’s ex-wife. However, the duo seems to be comedy partners and even hosts a Rice to Meet You podcast. In fact, he talked about his failed marriage in one of the episodes of the podcast, and she made fun of him.

Likewise, some other sites claim that Nigel Ng’s ex-wife is Eva Steiner, who inspired the character Helen. So, the truth about Auntie Helen remains a mystery.

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Who Is Nigel Ng’s Girlfriend?

Nigel Ng is one of the most successful comedians who gained worldwide fame for portraying Uncle Roger. Ng always wears an orange polo shirt and speaks in a Cantonese-like dialect, which has fascinated many fans worldwide. However, even after being in the limelight, the information regarding Nigel Ng’s girlfriend remains a mystery.

Nigel Ng's Girlfriend
Evelyn Mok is speculated to be Auntie Helen. Image Source: Rice To Meet You YouTube.

Furthermore, in a food travel vlog posted in 2020, he revealed to YouTuber Shu that he was divorced. In one of the episodes of Rice To Meet You, the comedian revealed that he was married to a white woman but did not disclose her identity. Already a divorced one, has he found love again? Well, we hope to learn about it soon.

Overall, we all wish the comedian a bright future and expect to see more of his work in the years to come. Additionally, we hope to learn more about Nigel Ng’s girlfriend in the upcoming days.

Uncle Roger Banned On China’s Social Media?

Malaysian comedian Nigel Ng, known for his character Uncle Roger, has been banned from China’s social media profiles after he poked fun at the authoritative Chinese government.

Ng’s accounts on Bilibili and Weibo were disabled as he violated relevant laws and regulations.

The Chinese government’s increasing intolerance of stand-up comedy has led to comedians in China becoming increasingly scared of the government’s increasing intolerance of the genre.

The Chinese government appears to have targeted Ng as part of a campaign against comedians, with recent events giving the industry a bad reputation.

Published On: February 1, 2023

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