4 Reason VanossGaming’s Net Worth Is Roaring – What Does Evan Fong Do That Us Normies Dont?

4 Reason VanossGaming’s Net Worth Is Roaring – What Does Evan Fong Do That Us Normies Dont?

VanossGaming's net worth is in multi-millions. Image Source: vanoss Instagram.

VanossGaming, as known as Vanoss, is a well-known YouTube gaming personality who became famous for his game reviews, music production, and DJ ability. It has been several years since Vanoss got involved in gaming and streaming. So, a common question is how much is VanossGaming’s net worth and earning sources. What did he do to accumulate them?

Vanoss first joined the YouTube community on 15 September 2011, and in over a decade of involvement, he has developed himself into one of the most well-known YouTubers. Along with the fame he has amassed heftily and today’s article discusses his earnings and fortune. Keep reading!

4. Earnings From YouTube

Vanoss was born Evan Fong on 31 May 1992 and spent most of his childhood in Toronto, Canada. He developed a strong interest in online gaming since childhood. Evan graduated from Richmond Hill High School and began studying economics in college. However, he dropped out in his second year to concentrate on his YouTube career. He has greatly benefited from his decision and has earned massively in his career.

As of 2023, VanossGaming has three YouTube channels. He has 25.8 million subscribers on his main channel. Furthermore, he has 351K and 624K subscribers on VanossGamingExtras and Rynx, respectively. He makes $173.4K to $2.8M yearly from VanossGaming. Likewise, he makes $9.4K to $150.1K from VanossGamingExtras.

Besides, Vamoss also earns from YouTube AdSense. He reportedly earns an average of $20,000 per day via it. Thanks to his YouTube earnings, VanossGaming’s net worth was $15.5 million, making him the second highest-earning American Youtuber.

VanossGaming was at one stage the second most subscribed gaming channel after PewDiePie. As of 2023, the Gaming channel has attracted 25.8 million subscribers on YouTube. His popularity peaked in 2014 when he added 6.6 million subscribers in a single year. The YouTube star once racked up one million new subscribers in a month, outpacing all other channels except PewDiePie.

All thanks to his YouTube earnings, VanossGaming’s net worth is a staggering $25 million.

3. Income From His Music Career

VanossGaming has also made a good fortune as a DJ and music producer in addition to making a sizable chunk of money as a YouTuber. He performs as a DJ and produces music under the name Rynx.

Vanoss launched his first song on 25 August 2017, a remix of U-RITE by THEY. On 9 December 2017, he made available Want You, a collaboration with Miranda Glory, as his first single. The Canadian artist has his SoundCloud page titled RynxMusic.

The multi-talented YouTuber has stated that he is currently working on the Rynx sequel as of 2 June 2022. Besides, the average annual income for a singer in the United States is $126,374 as of 2023. Thus, VanossGaming must have made good fortune through music.

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2. Income From Brand Endorsements

VanossGaming’s fans shouldn’t be surprised that, as a result of his success in the YouTube community, he is constantly contacted by numerous brands for ads and promotions. In addition, he earns a good living due to his endorsement deals and partnerships with various businesses.

The 30-year-old has collaborated with Dauntless, Ubisoft, and Monster Legends. His endorsement deals are profitable since he is endorsed by tech companies, especially those involved in gaming.

1. Earning From Business Ventures

VanossGaming’s net worth is growing primarily because of his diverse income streams, including business endeavors. A video game called Dead Realm just hired Fong as its creative director. Furthermore, he contributed to two different animated shows, including YouTube Red’s Paranormal Action Squad and Alpha Betas, which aired on his channel.

VanossGaming Business Endeavor
VanossGaming is a YouTuber who earns a good income through business. Image Source: vanossinstagram Instagram.

Moreover, Vanoss also has a gaming merchandise store, which includes a variety of items with his well-designed owl logo displayed on it. The store features a variety of goods, such as T-shirts, basketball shorts, pins, lanyards, card decks, posters, hats, and more.

To sum up, VanossGaming’s net worth from YouTube, business, sponsorships, and commercials all count toward his luxurious lifestyle. As a result, the LA-based YouTuber is highly wealthy, and all thanks to his income, he can live a pretty pleasant life.

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