Van Helsing Vampiress Silvia Colloca Fell in Love with Her Co-Star Vampire Richard Roxburgh

Van Helsing Vampiress Silvia Colloca Fell in Love with Her Co-Star Vampire Richard Roxburgh

Silvia Colloca's husband. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Silvia Colloca and her husband unintentionally came together in the busy bustle of an entertainment city, their destiny intertwined like the intricate strings of a tapestry, and in the middle of the noise of life, they found solace in each other’s arms.

So, this article will delve into the love story of a vampiress actress and provide details from her personal life, emphasizing Silvia Colloca’s husband. So are you all excited to learn about this love story that emerged in the annals of Hollywood?

Knowing Silvia Colloca

  • The actress was born to parents Loredana Colloca and Mario Colloca on 23 July 1977 in Milan, Italy. Silvia is blessed with two other siblings, Giammarco Colloca and Alessandra Colloca.
  • Before starting her film career, she worked as a musical theatre performer in Italy. She made her captivating appearances in Gluck’s Orfeo ed Euridice as ‘Orfeo’ and ‘The Queen’ in Snow White.
  • Colloca has captured the audience’s heart with her fantastic acting through her various roles, including ‘Verona’ in Van Helsing, ‘Carmilla’ in Lesbian Vampire Killers, and ‘Sonia Spears’ in The Twelve.
  • Silvia has always been an exploring person. She explored her talent and abilities, including writing, cooking, and singing. The talented Colloca has published six cookbooks and shown her passion for Italian meals in her cooking show.
Silvia Colloca's husband.
Silvia Colloca’s husband. Image source: Instagram.
  • Furthermore, her debut album, Sing Like an Italian, has made No.1 on the ARIA Core Classical and Classical/Crossover charts. This talented personality has been entering and flourishing in the entertainment industry.

From Reel To Real: Silvia Colloca’s Husband

In the glamorous world of fame, buzz, and stardom, two celebrities found their on-screen chemistry ignited sparks that have transcended from fiction to their real life.

This transcending of romance is pretty normal in the entertainment world, and the love story of Silvia Colloca is an instance of on-screen chemistry turning into real life.

The talented actress met her husband, Richard Roxburgh, on the set of the horror movie Van Helsing in 2003. They both were signed in for the same movie where they had to act as a vampire couple.

The beautiful couple felt a connection with each other and decided to date. Food acted as a bridge in their relationship. On their second date, Silvia Colloca’s partner decided to cook her Thai food, which blew her mind. 

Silvia Colloca's husband
Silvia Colloca’s husband. Image source: Instagram.

Jokingly in an interview, Silvia said that Richard did great job cooking that’s why she kept dating him. Within a year of dating, the beautiful duo decided to take the sacred vows and get married in 2004.

The married life of the duo has continued as a timeless tale, going through many challenges, sharing happiness, and staying with each other.

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Is Silvia Colloca’s Partner As Renowned As Her?

Richard Roxburgh is an Australian actor, writer, producer, and director. His acting journey started after being admitted to the National Institute of Dramatic Art on his second attempt at audition. 

Catching the eyes of the audience does not require leading roles. After graduating from NIDA., Richard portrayed the character of detective ‘Roger Rogerson’ in the television series Blue Murder from which he became popular among audiences and critics.

The actor was part of various films and stage productions, including the role of ‘Hamlet’ in Company B production at the Belvoir St Theatre in Sydney. Similarly, his roles became more prominent as the years passed.

Moreover, Silvia Colloca’s husband stepped into the directing field with Romulus, My Father, which won the AFI awardThe saga for awards continues with his impressive directing skills in different projects.

Silvia Colloca's husband
Silvia Colloca’s husband. Image Source: Instagram.

In 2010, Richard co-created and starred in the television comedy-drama series Rake. The role of ‘Cleaver Greene’ in Rake won him the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Award for Best Lead Actor in a Television Drama in 2012.

Silvia Colloca’s spouse is also a person with diverse interests like her. Roxburgh wrote a 240-page children’s book Artie and the Grime Wave. This book was published by ‘Allen & Unwin’ in 2016.

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19 Years Of Long Bond and How They Maintain It?

A relationship has its own ups and downs that a couple must deal with in order for their relationship to grow stronger. Likewise, Silvia and Richard may have had difficulty in their relationship as well.

Silvia and her husband have contrasting personalities and upbringings. Their paths crossed at different stages of their lives, making it challenging for them to establish effective communication without feeling criticized or defensive.

The actress said there is a junk drawer in every relationship where they put things that they know are important but are not ready to be confronted. However, 2020 was the year for them to open the junk drawer.

Silvia Colloca's husband
Silvia Colloca’s husband. Image source: Instagram.

In 2020, the pair spent more time together as Colloca was working from home, and there was a pause in the upcoming projects.

So, the couple learned the skill of communication and talked about things in a way that it doesn’t break their relationship.

Silvia opened up, saying there were times when they looked at each other, thought they shouldn’t do this, and wanted to stuff it all inside.

However, staying closed off was wrong as it was like clutter in their souls, minds, and brains affecting their individual and collective lives.

Hence, just like in the movie where they met, the couple shares a beautiful love story with a happy ending where the vampire and his bride live together.

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