Breaking Down Vice CEO Nancy Dubuc’s Net Worth: Company in Bankruptcy

Breaking Down Vice CEO Nancy Dubuc’s Net Worth: Company in Bankruptcy

VICE CEO Nancy Dubuc's Net Worth. Image Souce: Wikimedia Commons.

As the Vice Media Group has gone on a downtrend, its CEO, Nancy Dubuc, has become the center of attention.

Here, in this blog, we will be talking about Vice CEO Nancy Dubuc’s net worth and about the downfall of the company. So, stay sharp as we go through the blog.

A Bit About Nancy Dubuc?

  • Dubuc grew up in Bristol, Rhode Island, with her parents, Carol D. Smith and Robert H. Dubuc Jr., who eventually parted their own ways.
  • Nancy Dubuc’s mother was a successful caterer in the state of Rhode Island.
  • She was inspired to become an assertive businesswoman herself as she admired her mother’s directness and strong opinions.
  • Nancy Dubuc’s parents married other people after ending their marriage.
  • Brendan P. Smith and Janet C. Dubuc are Nancy Dubuc’s stepparents.
  • She attended Lincoln School, where she graduated high school in 1987.
  • Then, she Boston University until 1991 on a rowing scholarship for their Division I crew team.
  • Later on, she married Michael Rashid Kizilbash, of Iranian descent, with whom she shares two children.

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A Look At Her Career

Dubuc worked in NBC’s publicity department for a short time before becoming a producer at The Christian Science Monitor and Boston TV station WGBH-TV.

Later, Nancy became the director of historical programming with The History Channel, where she proposed converting an episode of Modern Marvels into a full series known as Ice Road Truckers.

In June 2013, Dubuc climbed up to become president and CEO of A&E Networks – an American media company, which she joined in 2010 as a General Manager.

As part of her job, the Boston alum oversaw popular TV channels like HistoryA&E, and Lifetime. During this time, these networks created shows, such as Duck Dynasty, that proved to be very successful.

VICE CEO Nancy Dubuc's Net Worth
VICE CEO Nancy Dubuc’s Net Worth. Image Source: Social Media.

Eventually, in March 2018, Nancy was named the new CEO of Vice Media, and in April 2018, she left her position at A&E Networks.

The businesswoman took over from Shane Smith, who switched to being an executive chairman instead. She left Vice on February 24, 2023.

Currently, Nancy is a board member of an organization called Warner Music Group.

VICE CEO Nancy Dubuc’s Net Worth

Ms. Dubuc possesses over 25 years of valuable experience in the media industry, where she has demonstrated exceptional aptitude in expanding revenue streams.

The entrepreneur’s remarkable leadership qualities have enabled her to build strong teams that deliver impressive results.

Then it shouldn’t come as a surprise if Nancy Dubuc’s wealth is a considerable amount.

So, despite possessing considerable wealth amassed over time, Nancy prefers not to flaunt or draw attention to it publicly.

Due to this, the precise amount of VICE CEO Nancy Dubuc’s net worth remains undisclosed at present despite speculation surrounding it within media circles.

Similarly, you may be interested in knowing about Dew Mighty Founder Tiffany Buzzato.

Vice Media Group: The Company in Bankruptcy

Starting out as a magazine called Vice, it was formed in Montreal by Suroosh AlviShane Smith, and Gavin McInnes.

The focus of the company shifted toward digital media targeting young people.

This led to more online content, web series, and various properties such as Vice News for news coverage, along with film production studios and record labels.

In 2001, it moved its base to New York City. Eventually, they became extremely profitable, becoming worth $5.7 billion dollars at one point.

However, after reaching a certain point, the company took a hard fall. Due to this, they faced bankruptcy issues regarding financial protection.

As a result, the company made the decision to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in May 2013.

They took the measure to enable them to facilitate selling off portions of their assets while also safeguarding what remains in order to ensure their future viability as a company.

The bankruptcy followed high-profile departures like Nancy and multiple layoffs. She had taken over as the company’s CEO during a tumultuous time.

Trivia And Facts

  • The business person has a daughter and a son.
  • She is also a board member of Flutter Entertainment Plc.
  • She was listed as one of the 50 Most Powerful Women in Business by Fortune in 2013.

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