What to Watch While You Wait for Squid Game Season 2

Season 2 of Squid Games has been announced and it has brought back the entire thrilling and bitter feeling of the show. No doubt it was an excellent watch. We are equally enthusiastic for the next season, and cannot wait, except the fact that we do not know how long we are waiting for.

Even though the filming for the season has been announced, we do not have any tentative date for the release, which has boomed our curiosity off the roof. Ideally, we can expect the release sometime in 2024, but we cannot be certain until further information is released.

However, just because Squid Game’s season 2 seems a little far, doesn’t mean that we cannot enjoy more content like this available on various streaming platforms. This is why we are here today. This listicle will include the best shows you need to watch while waiting for the second season. Of course, discussing the prerequisite for this, the internet is also critical at this point. To enjoy a smooth, and seamless binge session, you must opt for services such as Cox Internet. With Cox, you can get affordable plans and all-time steady internet connectivity. How else can you stream the shows online?

With this primary factor solved, now is the time you begin the list of the season you need to binge now!

1.     All of Us Are Dead

Let’s begin the list with South Korea’s biggest hit that took the world. It has got the ingredients for the perfect thriller series that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Zombie Virus Outbreak? Check!

Flesh Eating Monsters? Check!

Students Running to Save Their Lives? Check!

Abuse of Power? Check!

It gets gruesome when you watch friends turn into monsters willing to tear apart others. With the corruption on high, people in control are constantly exploiting their powers. As the classrooms turn into war fields for the teens, you just cannot stop watching until the very end. See who survives, and how it ends.

2.     Hellbound

If Squid Game was like the perfect blend of morality and thrill, then Hellbound is your spending recipe for morality mixed with horror. It might feel quite simple to watch, but in-depth lies its complexity. When the angels begin landing on Earth informing the sinners of their doomed ending, it gets twisty.

3.     Alice in Borderland

This can be your perfect fix to your Squid Game missing, and your appreciation for dark violence.

The show revolves around a game of life or death situation. If you survive the game somehow, you are free to go, but only for some time until you are back to play again. How many lucky chances will there be?

4.     Sweet Home

Imagine a world where your inner demons take physical form. Where can you hide?

Sweet Home, a fantasy horror show dips the toe in this story. When a group gets stuck in a building while the entire world outside has turned into monsters, they have no place to escape. These monsters being their inner demons make it all the worst.

5.     Liar Game

The plotline revolves around a woman who comes across a game where all participants are given a specific amount of money, and everyone needs to get their manipulation game on to get their hands on the money from all the members.

It is a game of lies, and you can’t quit. Who will turn out victorious?

6.     Dr. Brain

A psychological thriller that will make you think for days.

When a brain scientist decides to create a device that transfers memories from one brain to another to investigate a tragedy in his family, things do not clearly go as planned. It will be no less than a psychedelic nightmare.

7.     Extracurricular

Extracurricular will keep you entertained with its mirroring story of Squid Game, and the best way for you to wait while we get the second season.

This show revolves around a student who resorts to a life of crime to fulfill his college payments. Such a life must be kept a secret, but what if a fellow student catches on? It is a road to chaos and the one for you to follow.

Wrapping Up!

And with this, our listicle comes to an end and now begins your time to binge-watch these shows while waiting for Squid Game’s second season hits our TV screens. We are excited, and can already feel that it is going to be a long wait ahead. But it will all be worth it. Fingers crossed!

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