Everything You Need To Know About William Finbar Kennedy: 5th Son of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

William Finbar Kennedy is the 5th and second-youngest son of Robert F. Kennedy. Being from the famous Kennedy household, his family’s legacy is one of the most popular in politics.

William may be a Kennedy, but what else do we know about the young heir? Continue reading to find out.

Who is The Young Prince of the Kennedy Home?

  • Robert and his spouse, Mary Richardson, welcomed their newborn son in November 1997 at Northern Westchester Hospital Center in Mount Kisco.
  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s baby boy weighed 8 pounds and 8 ounces upon birth – a healthy addition to their growing family of five children.
  • As part of the iconic Kennedy household, young William Finbar marks an impressive milestone as the 51st member of this generation within their famous lineage.
  • The child’s middle name was selected after St. Finbar – a respected sixth-century monk from County Wexford in Ireland.
  • Accordingly, the proud parents announced they would affectionately call him “Fin” going forward.

What We Know About Finn’s Education and Employment History

Finn’s LinkedIn profile showcases an exceptional career journey.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s son has proven himself to be a diligent and committed individual through his invaluable internship programs at Morgan Stanley in the summer of 2017.

The internship at Morgan Stanley was followed by an apprenticeship at Bailey Capital in 2018, where he leveraged his skills and business acumen.

As per Finn’s most recent update on his profile from 2020, he secured an analyst position at Bailey Capital that acknowledges him as a vital asset for the company.

Moreover, Finn finished his Bachelor’s degree with high honors, majoring in History from Brown University– attesting once again to his academic prowess and demonstrated work experience.

Undoubtedly, such a remarkable track record thus far would propel him towards more outstanding accomplishments throughout life, providing further evidence of a bright future ahead of him.

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Tragedy In the Kennedy Household Family

Talking about William’s family, Conor Richardson Kennedy, Kyra LeMoyne Kennedy,  and Aidan Caohman Vieques Kennedy are direct siblings to Finn.

On the other hand, Bobby Kennedy III and Kathleen Alexandra Kennedy are William Finber Kennedy’s half-siblings.

On the 16th of May in 2012, William Finbar Kennedy’s mom, Mary, was discovered deceased at her humble abode in Bedford, New York.

Robert F. Kennedy’s baby boy was just 15 at that time. The death of Mary Richardson shook the family to its core, affecting all of the Kennedy siblings. 

William Finbar Kennedy’s sister, Kyra, was devastated after the suicide of their mother. Due to this, she was sent to live with her dad’s girlfriend, Cheryl Hines.

Medical experts determined that Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s ex-wife took her own life by hanging, and a thorough examination disclosed antidepressants in her bloodstream.


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The funeral arrangements were conducted with grace courtesy of the Kennedy family and took place at St. Patrick Catholic on the 16th of May, 2012.

A week after this service, another remembrance function specifically arranged by Richardson’s family members held sway at Manhattan’s Standard Hotel.

Those present bore witness as participants recounted fond memories shared with loved ones lost too soon.

William Finbar Kennedy Likes to Live Away From People’s Sights

Unlike his siblings, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s son prefers being away from public scrutiny and tends to maintain privacy in his personal life.

It is known that Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s kid has taken down all his social media accounts, thereby limiting access to details about him. It’s rare to spot him amidst crowds, too.

The politician’s descendant remains enigmatic as we have little knowledge regarding most aspects of him.

William Finbar Kennedy
William Finbar Kennedy. Image Source: Instagram.

As long as Finn chooses not to make revelations regarding himself or offer insights into what goes on behind closed doors, much will remain veiled in secrecy, leading us to guesswork about who he is at the core.

Let’s hope the politician’s son will disclose any information about his life. Check back with us regularly so that we can keep you guys updated if any new information surfaces.

Published On: June 14, 2023

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