5 Shocking Facts About Youtuber AJayll You Never Knew!

There aren’t many purer YouTube videos than AJayll responding to Lorde’s album, Melodrama. The 22-minute video had everything: raw passion, furious dancing maneuvers, and classic soundbites.

AJayll created a buzz online when she resurfaced after disappearing for a while. So continue reading to find out Youtuber AJayll facts you probably didn’t know.

5. She is Close to Reaching a Million Subscribers on YouTube

AJayll began her YouTube channel in 2017 when she began commenting on numerous albums by various musicians. Her first response video was for the album Born To Die by Lana Del Ray.

The rookie’s first video had close to 800,000 views, and her views and subscriptions grew with each subsequent video.

Youtuber AJayll facts
Youtuber AJayll facts. Image Source: Instagram.

The YouTuber’s most successful video was her response to Ariana Grande’s album, which had more than 2 million views.

Likewise, Taylor Swift’s songs, in which she sobbed for a whole time while listening to new songs, received more than 1.9 million views.

AJayll’s channel has over 110 million views, which is even more impressive after learning she joined the platform in 2017.

4. Fans Were Worried When She Went Missing From Social Media

After a few years of sharing her ideas, AJayll has become one of YouTube’s most popular music critics. Unfortunately, however, she had been on a brief sabbatical, which had worried followers.

The famous star’s last video before leaving was released on December 29, 2020. She replied to her favorite songs of 2020 in the video; since then, her YouTube account has been dry.

Because AJayll hadn’t posted since then, some fans were hitting her social media and YouTube comments with messages, pleading with her to give them a sign that she was okay.

AJay’s last tweet on Twitter, before her hiatus, was on December 20, 2020. Similarly, Adam Montoya is another person who disappeared online without an explanation.

3. Youtuber AJayll Facts: She Changed Her Channel Name After Coming Back 

AJayll, or AJayLush, has announced her comeback to YouTube after a year-long hiatus, which has enthralled her admirers.

In a surprise video for her followers, the YouTuber announced her return and explained why she had been gone for nearly a year.

When AJyall returned to YouTube, she changed her username to AJay Deluxe. In the newest video, she addressed her supporters and pleaded for forgiveness for her unexpected departure.

In her video titled ‘Sorry, I’ve Been Away,’ she stated that she needed to take a vacation to rehabilitate her mental health.

In addition, the YouTuber mentioned that she needed to take a vacation from all social media to deal with her mental health because her job was taking a toll on her.

2. Her Channel is One of the Most Popular Reaction Channels

Ajay has established herself as one of the fan-favorite reaction channels. Her approach to music criticism gained popularity online in the second half of the 2010s.

Theatrics are prevalent in AJay’s videos, as well as those of other music reactors. Fans watch her videos for the entertainment aspect as well as the music. Her over-the-top antics have garnered her a lot of fans.


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In the comments sections of her videos, YouTube users frequently remark how they watch AJay for comedic relief or self-care when feeling depressed.

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1. She Was Thinking About Her Fans Even While Being Away

AJayll has also revealed that she had not listened to any new songs or albums in the previous year to respond to her fans when she returns.

However, AJayll’s followers look forward to hearing some excellent albums from 2022 stars such as Taylor Swift and Beyoncé.

The YouTuber’s followers’ delight in her homecoming can be evident in her YouTube comments and Twitter tweets. Many comments were on the reign of ‘Welcome back, We all miss you and Take care of your mental health.’

While others made sure to assure them that she won’t go again without addressing her followers, the love was still there.

The best Youtuber AJayll facts is that her fans missed her deeply. We hope she uploads more videos and achieves more success.

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