5 Shocking Facts About Zayn Malik’s Personal Assistant Taryn Zimmerman

Zayn Malik‘s personal assistant Taryn Zimmerman is a person of mystery. This article sheds some light on her, who is perhaps one of the most intriguing assistants in show business.

This blog post will dive into five mind-blowing facts about her, i.e., from her incredible work ethic to some eyebrow-raising behind-the-scenes secrets. Keep reading to discover more about this low-key yet integral figure in Zayn’s life.

5. Amicable Relation With the Singer’s Ex-partner, Gigi

Zayn Malik’s personal assistant has been seen with his former partner, Gigi Hadid. They are frequently spotted together, suggesting they have remained on good terms. This shows the pair have maintained a friendly relationship. Despite the breakup between Zayn and Gigi, Taryn maintains a sound relationship with the singer’s ex-partner.

Relationship between Taryn Zimmerman and the Zayn's ex-partner
Zayn Malik’s personal assistant Taryn Zimmerman. Source: Facebook

It is likely that the two have nurtured a relationship over time and have been seen together on multiple occasions, suggesting that the friendship is solid and genuine. In addition, Zimmerman must be close with Zayn and Gigi’s adorable daughter, Khai Malik.

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4. Zayn Malik’s Personal Assistant Taryn Zimmerman Was Seen With Selena Gomez

In March 2023, the rumors of Zayn Malik and Selena Gomez being in a relationship sparked after they were spotted out dining together in New York City. As per Entertainment Tonight, the singers walked in holding hands and kissing, and it seemed like it was a date.

Furthermore, fueling the rumors, the singer’s personal assistant was spotted with Gomez. The two of them were seen leaving Nobu in New York. Gomez donned gray slacks and a matching top and paired it with an oversized jacket, platform boots, and scarf. Furthermore, Zimmerman donned a tan coat over her own dark ensemble. She accessorized with sandals and a mini Adidas clutch. 

After their photo went viral on Twitter, fans started to come up with their own theories. It was speculated that Taryn is a long-term friend of the Lose You to Love Me singer. Furthermore, some theorized a potential collaboration between the former One-Direction member and the Wizards of Waverly Place star. 

3. Reason Behind Zayn’s Impeccable Success

Malik’s impeccable success can be attributed to his natural talent, hard work, and team support, including his personal assistant Taryn Zimmerman. The singer’s PA has been instrumental in Zayn‘s success, ensuring his schedule is organized and he has everything he needs to perform at his best.

Taryn also works with Zayn’s management team to coordinate with venues, the press, and other artists to organize appearances and collaborations. Her support has been invaluable in helping Zayn reach the heights of success he has achieved. It is also rumored that Taryn has been the best friend of the famous singer for a long time.

Zimmerman has also helped to cultivate a positive and supportive environment around Zayn, which has allowed him to thrive. Additionally, Zayn’s unique style and willingness to take risks have set him apart from his peers and helped him to build a loyal fanbase.

Overall, it is clear that Zayn’s success is the result of a combination of factors, including his own talent and hard work. In addition, Zayn has the support of his team, including Taryn Zimmerman.

2. Adoring Bond With Her Cousins

Taryn Zimmerman seems to have a strong bond with her cousins. The singer’s personal assistant does not hesitate to show her deep affection toward them. She often posts pictures of them on social media and shares stories of their time together.


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Taryn seems to be the first to offer her help and support to her cousins. She is always willing to go the extra mile for them. Taryn is an example of a supportive family member and friend. She is a devoted cousin and always puts her family first. Her strong bond with her cousins is an inspiration to everyone.

1. Keeps Her Personal Life Fairly Low-Key 

Taryn doesn’t like to brag about her achievements and instead prefers to be humble about her success. She understands that her success is not the result of her own efforts alone and that many people have supported and helped her along the way. 

Therefore, Taryn does not feel the need to brag about her accomplishments, instead preferring to give credit to those who have helped her. Furthermore, Zayn Malik’s personal assistant Taryn Zimmerman lives a low-key life. She has not talked much about her love life, and we look forward to hearing from her.

Nevertheless, we hope Taryn is living the best life. And she continues to achieve significant success in whatever she does.

Published On: March 30, 2023

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