Does Zayn Malik’s Sister Doniya Malik Look Like Selena Gomez?

Does Zayn Malik’s Sister Doniya Malik Look Like Selena Gomez?

Zayn Malik's Sister Doniya Malik. Image Source: Instagram.

People have long noticed that Selena Gomez has a beautiful doppelganger who is none other than Zayn Malik‘s sister Doniya Malik. As a result, Selena, a well-known American singer, actress, and producer, is sometimes compared with the elder sister of a prominent Asian-American singing sensation, Zayn.

Doniya, a fashion and beauty blogger, claims she is pretty close with her brother. The sister of the former member of One Direction has a sizable social media following, and many of her followers continue to speculate about whether she still has a similar facial structure to Gomez. So, we will discuss Zayn Malik’s sister Doniya Malik’s biography and see if she still has a face similar to Selena’s.

The Eldest Sibling

Doniya was born Doniya Elisha Malik on April 19, 1992, in Belford, England. Born to her mother, Trisha Malik, and father, Yaser Malik, she is the oldest of her four siblings. Doniya Malik’s brother is Zayn, and her sisters are Waliyha Malik and Safaa Malik.

Like her siblings, Malik attended Tong High School and graduated from the University of Bradford. Malik developed an interest in fashion and beauty and now manages a website regarding blogs for cosmetics. She jointly runs a blog called Daliyha Beauty with her sister Waliyha.

In addition, Zayn’s eldest sister founded the beauty salon Waliyha Beauty alongside her mother and sister. She frequently uses her Instagram handle, @doniyabeauty, to promote her items in the hopes of becoming successful with her beauty blog. Over 629k fans on the platform have followed Doniya.

Zayn Tattooed Doniya’s Name

Zayn Malik’s older sister Doniya Malik spoke frankly about their relationship in her first interview in 2015. The fashion and beauty blogger claims that despite her brother’s tendency to boss her, they are incredibly close. In addition, when a fan inquired how close they were, the oldest Malik admitted she would rate them as being five on a scale of one to five.

Doniya and Zayn are pretty close in age and grew up together, and the singer reportedly takes his duty as a brother extremely seriously. The Pillowtalk singer even has three unique tattoos on his body dedicated to his sisters, Doniya, Waliyha, and Safaa. He has those tattoos in Arabic, as he is of Pakistani descent. Doniya has her name written on his upper forearm, below his inner elbow.

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Doniya and Selena’s Identical look in 2015

Zayn Malik’s sister Doniya Malik’s remarkable similarity to singer Selena Gomez was revealed after fans discovered a picture of her. The two appear almost identical while having similar warm brown eyes, thick dark hair, and plump lips. Doniya is pictured with her younger brother in the 2015 photo, smiling with her lips pursed in the same way that Selena frequently does. Moreover, she has straightened her lengthy, black hair as Selena did in the past.

When the picture originally surfaced, fans were astounded, and a few others commented on it on Twitter due to how remarkably similar they looked. However, as Selena has drastically changed over the years, Doniya has also changed. Although they aren’t at their best 2015 comparable level, they still seem gorgeous in their own way. Another Hollywood personality, Judy Reyes, is super close with her twin sister, Joselin Reyes.

Zayn and Selena Dating Rumors

Selena Gomez has been all over the news lately due to various stories, be it the Hailey Bieber drama or her romantic life. First, she was reportedly seen dining with singer Zayn, which sparked rumors that she was dating the ex-member of One Direction. The stars reportedly became intimate on their dinner date, and social media is going bonkers about it, but that’s old news now!


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Zayn’s sister, Safaa Malik, recently fueled the romance rumors between the two artists. Safaa shared Selena Gomez’s most recent post on her IG story. Fans worldwide have gone crazy over the revelation that she shared Selena’s photo on her account.

Indeed, the two famous singers would make a stunning couple and break many hearts. Besides, Zayn was previously dating supermodel Gigi Hadid, with whom he has a daughter, Khai Malik.

As a whole, Zayn Malik’s sibling Doniya Malik is doing well. We hope she continues to live a good life in the future.

Published On: March 29, 2023

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