Oscar Nominee Netflix Sci-Fi Nimona Review

Oscar Nominee Netflix Sci-Fi Nimona Review

Netflix Sci-Fi Nimona Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

Nimona is nominated for Best Animated Feature at the 96th Academy Awards. So, let’s look at the Netflix Sci-Fi Nimona review here.

From its inclusive cast to stunning storytelling, fans are pouring their appraisal for one of 2023’s best-animated movies.

Recently, Netflix did something that brought joy to their millions of fans. So, stay with us, and heads up for some major spoilers.

Netflix Sci-Fi Nimona Review

The American science fantasy adventure comedy-drama film Nimona is based on the graphic novel of ND Stevenson.

Nimona’s story resonates with audiences with its touching themes of identity, sacrifice, and friendship. Similarly, the film’s message is relevant and timeless, which makes it stand out in the animated film landscape.

Netflix Sci-Fi Nimona review
Netflix Sci-Fi Nimona review. Image Credit: Social Media.

The plot revolves around a knight in a futuristic medieval society. When he is accused of a crime he did not commit; he seeks assistance from Nimona since the wicked adolescent is the only one who can establish his innocence.

However, Nimona is a shapeshifting beast that the knight has vowed to exterminate. Chloe Grace Moretz gave Nimona’s voice while Riz Ahmed spoke for the knight.

The story resonated with the character who teams up with a framed knight to prove her innocence.

Why did Netflix Put Nimona Free On YouTube?

The good news for the movie fans is finally here. Yes, Nimona is free on YouTube, and you can enjoy the movie free of cost. But why is Nimona on YouTube?

Netflix uploaded the film for the audience to enjoy on YouTube for free. The movie has been critically acclaimed and a nomination at the 96th Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature.

Netflix Sci-Fi Nimona Review
Netflix Sci-Fi Nimona Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

If you still need to check out the movie, it’s the right time to watch it for free on YouTube. You surely don’t want to miss the movie.

Talking about the Netflix Sci-Fi Nimona Review, the film has 7.5 IMDb ratings. Likewise, it has 93% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and 75% on Metacritic.

Recently, on Prime Prime Video, Hazbin Hotel, an American adult animated musical comedy television series, premiered.

Ending Of The Nimona: Does The Movie Have A Happy Ending?

Ultimately, Nimona sacrifices herself to rescue the city that loathed her, and Ballister’s reputation is cleared, precisely as in the novel.

The film’s tone has evolved significantly, changing the conclusion as well. The original sorrowful conclusion is replaced with a more positive one, and the picture benefits significantly.

Netflix Sci-Fi Nimona Review
Netflix Sci-Fi Nimona Review. Image Credit: Social Media.

Just as the audience deserves, Nimona does not die and believes she returned at the end, and the film ends with a happy ending.

Also, know about voice actor/Twitch streamer FhaeLin.

Will There Be A Nimona 2 Movie?

Nimona was released on June 30, 2023, and has been praised for its storytelling, voice acting, and animation, including performances by RuPaul and Frances Conroy.

Although the movie had a happy ending, it also left the door open for a sequel of return for the Nimona’s cast. But will the film come back with a new plot and twists?

Netflix has not confirmed any official plans for its sequel. But, who knows, future development might take place soon.

We can always wait for the good news, and Nimona might also return with a new season with new expansion.

Published On: February 22, 2024

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