Get To Know The Talented Twitch Variety Gaming Streamer FhaeLin: Did You Know She Is A Voice Actor Too?

Get To Know The Talented Twitch Variety Gaming Streamer FhaeLin: Did You Know She Is A Voice Actor Too?

Gaming streamer FhaeLin is a talented twitch variety gaming streamer and a voice actor. Photo Source: FhaeLin's Instagram.

Who is your favorite streamer on Twitch? For those of you who are new and don’t know much about it, Twitch is a live-streaming platform for anything. Likewise, meet a talented gaming streamer FhaeLin, about whom we will be discussing today.

FhaeLin has been doing this for some time now and knows how to entertain and captivate viewers’ attention. Keep reading until the end to take a walk through her career.

About FhaeLin

Gaming Streamer FhaeLin is mostly known for her gaming content. Her real name is Lindsey Vega and has been involved in Twitch streaming since 2015. Soon after her Twitch journey started in 2016, she partnered with Twitch and pursued a full-time career in the live broadcasting of video game content. Vega does a great British accent that, if you heard it, you might mistake her for being British. But the streamer hails from New York.

Apart from her gaming career, there’s rarely any personal information FhaeLin has let out. She has not talked about her personal life and relationships. However, we have come to know that the streamer’s mother passed away due to cancer in 2021. Vega shared a heartfelt post on her Twitter stating her mother’s demise.

Gaming Streamer Fhaelin's Parents
Gaming streamer FhaeLin lost her mother to cancer in 2021. Photo Source: FhaeLin’s Twitter.

Lindsey has a playful personality, and during her streams, viewers enjoy her welcoming and goofy personality. She is a great entertainer who knows how to keep the viewers occupied and not let the stream get boring. We hope to learn more about Vega’s personal life too in the coming future.

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FhaeLin, As A Voice Actor

The gaming content introduced FhaeLin to a passion for voice acting. Even during her live stream, she constantly switches between various voices and accents, which is fun. So the talented gaming streamer FhaeLin started seeking opportunities to put her voice to more professional use. Lindsey can offer you the voice of a grumpy little boy, a shy teenage girl, or a twisted villain. You name it, and you got it.

Gaming streamer Fhaelin has voiced characters like Zoe in Ghostrunner, Willhelm and Secretary Lana in Cris Tales, and many more. In fact, you would be impressed to learn how a single person is giving such a variety of voices. She is actively open to working as a voice artist. Her services are gaming, animation, informational, advertising and commercial. Listening to her Character demo reel on her website, it seems clear that the FhaeLin is very talented, and her voice acting is praiseworthy. She has worked in numerous big-shot companies.


Up until now, Vega has done voice acting in over 15 video games and is most known for Ghostrunner and Chris Tales. She also has an upcoming project called Forlorn Memories, which is an RPG game with life/dating simulation elements. Judging from her past works, we can tell that she is very good at it, and her vocal skills are top-notch.

More About Gaming Streamer FhaeLin

FhaeLin plays a wide range of games like horror, MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online Game), farming simulators, and RPGs (Role Playing Games) of all kinds. According to her twitch bio, she loves all sorts of RPG and Simulation games and also plays TTRPG (Table Top Role Playing Game) games, like Dungeons and Dragons. The members of her community are collectively called FhaeLures.

The Twitch streamers make money via subs, donations, and ads. But depending on popularity and sponsorships, most full-time Twitch streamers earn between $3000-$65000 per month. Lindsey has been doing it full-time for the past 7 years and has garnered over 67K followers on her Twitch account. So we can assume that Vega could earn a notable amount from her Twitch streams, resulting in gaming streamer FhaeLin’s net worth being notable. Unfortunately, there’s no reliable source revealing FhaeLin’s income from twitch.

Lindsey has a Youtube channel for archiving her past live streams from Twitch. She is doing well in her streaming career, and we wish to see her achieve much more success in the coming future.

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