Unveiling Elena Kampouris Net Worth: What’s Her Fortune?

The actress Elena Kampouris, known for her role as Allison Doss, is having a blast in the present days of her acting career.

With a great career, the actress must earn a decent fortune. Let’s look at Elena Kampouris net worth and how much she earns. So, dive right in and find out without any further ado.

What Do We Know About The Actresses’ Early Life?

  • Elena Kampouris is an American actress born on September 16, 1997. She is most famous for her role in the drama Men, Women & Children as Allison Doss.
  • The actress was born to parents Ivey Barry (mother), an American fashion illustrator, and Alexander Kampouris (father), a Greek wine store owner in New York City, U.S.
  • Elena has been active in the film industry since 2012 and is still engaged. She also shares an older brother, Emmanuel Kampouris.
  • The actress attended Gill St. Bernard’s School, but she left and used to be tutored for her final years of high school.

A Look At The Career Journey: How Has It Been?

In one episode of Gossip Girl, the actress started with a small guest role as Constance Girl in the 2012 The CW teen drama series. She went along with the Nickelodeon comedy television film Jinxed, in which she played Ivy Murray.

Elena also made her film debut in the drama Labor Day, in which she played Rachel McCann, in the same year. Later, she signed with William Morris Endeavor.

In the comedy-drama film Men, Women & Children, she played the role of Allison Doss, from which she could grab public attention. She is portrayed in the comedy-drama film The Cobbler as Alexia.

The actress also starred as Maya Decker in the NBC American Odyssey thriller series and played supporting roles in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 and 3 films.

Elena Kampouris Net Worth
Elena Kampouris Net Worth. Image Credit: Instagram.

Kampouris made her Broadway debut in 2016 in the production of Les Liaisons, Damgereuses. The following year, she had a supporting role in the drama film Before I Fall as Juliet Sykes.

Elena was cast as Chloe Sampson in the superhero series Jupiter’s Legacy, and it was announced on February 11, 2019. How much might be the actress Elena Kampouris fortune?

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How Much Might Be Elena Kampouris Net Worth? Let’s Find Out

Do we know how much the actress earns? Let’s find out about her fortune from her career journey. So, stay with us until the end.

The actress has appeared in many films and dramas. However, Elena Kampouris net worth has yet to be estimated, and her earnings have not been revealed.

Elena Kampouris Net Worth
Elena Kampouris Net Worth. Image Credit: Instagram.

The actress’s net worth might be in the millions. Although it has not been revealed, it might soon be revealed.

Let’s look at the latest update on the actress’s presence in the coming romantic thriller. Have a look and see what’s new.

Similarly, you might also be interested in learning about Jessica Pegula sister.

The Star Joins Set Romantic Thriller ”Here Now”

U.S. actor Elena Kampouris is all set to land her role in the romantic thriller Here Now with Italian director Gabriele Musccino. His Hollywood credits include “The Pursuit of Happyness.”

Elena’s recent efforts include the series Jupiter’s Legacy and a remake of Children of the Corn. In Here Now, the actress plays Sophie, a young Californian traveling with her sister in Italy.

Elena Kampouris net worth will certainly be positively affected by Here Now.

Elena Kampouris Net Worth
Elena Kampouris Net Worth. Image Credit: Instagram.

Later, on Sophie’s last day of vacation, she meets a guy named Giulio and his group of friends. The most unexpected thriller starts here and is the most terrifying night of her life.

According to the provided synopsis by the film, Here Now will have a fantastic story and be exciting yet terrifying. Although there is little information, it is expected to be released on October 31, 2024.


Q. Is Elena Kampouris Greek?

A. She is of French and Greek heritage.

Q. How much is Elena Kampouris net worth?

A. Her net worth is yet to be estimated.

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