How Rich Is Jessica Pegula Sister Kelly Pegula? Is She A Billionaire?

American tennis player Jessica Pegula has had a fantastic journey, but today, we will learn about her sister Kelly Pegula.

Although Jessica Pegula sister maintains a relatively low profile, we will reveal if she is a billionaire. Find out the answers to these questions with us.

So, let’s dive right into the article without any further ado and get more information related to the topic.

Let’s Get To Know About Jessica Pegula

  • Jessica Pegula is a professional American tennis player who was born in Buffalo, New York. She was ranked No. 3 in the WTA singles rankings.
  • Jessica was born to parents Terrence Michael Pegula (father) and Kim Pegula (mother). Terry is an American businessman and petroleum engineer.
  • Kim is an American businesswoman and the principal owner of the Buffalo Bills, along with her husband.
  • Jessica Pegula has two siblings, Kelly Pegula and Matthew Pegula, and two siblings from her father’s side, Michael Pegula and Laura Pegula.

Jessica Pegula’s Sister Kelly Pegula: Who Is She?

Although we know about Jessica Pegula, a tennis player, what about her sister? What do we know about Jessica Pegula sister, Kelly Pegula? Let’s find out more information regarding her.

Kelly Pegula was born in 1997 and celebrated her birthday on September 13. She is 26 years old.

By profession, Kelly is a fashion designer and an upcoming music singer. Kelly Pegula is Terry Pegula’s youngest child with his second wife, Kim Pegula.

Jessica Pegula Sister
Jessica Pegula Sister. Image Credit: Instagram.

The fashion designer completed her high school studies at the age of 16. In 2020, she received a Bachelor’s Degree from Pennsylvania State University in Organizational and Professional Communication Science.

Unlike Jessica Pegula, a famous tennis player who maintains a high profile in the public eye, Kelly Pegula maintains a low profile and is far from the public eye regarding her lifestyle.

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Jessica Pegula Sister Kelly Pegula Saves Her Mother

US tennis star Jessica Pegula has revealed that her sister, Kelly Pegula, saved her mom’s life after she went into cardiac arrest at her home in 2022.

Pegula’s mom, Kim, co-owner of the Buffalo Bills and the Buffalo Sabres, was hospitalized in June of 2022. She was dealing with significant expressive aphasia and memory issues.

Pegula’s mother has been in the engine room of the sporting empire since 2014, but she worries that she won’t be able to be that person anymore.

Jessica Pegula Sister
Jessica Pegula Sister. Image Credit: Instagram.

Despite the pressure of caring for the family and running a successful business empire, Jessica decided to play at Wimbledon just some weeks after her mom’s cardiac arrest.

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Let’s Look At Kelly Pegula’s Net Worth: Is She A Billionaire?

Although Kelly Pegula has kept her personal life secret and is out of the limelight, let’s find out her net worth.

Many sources have claimed Kelly Pegula’s net worth to be between $2-3 million, but some sources claimed it to be in the billions as her parents are wealthy enough.

Regardless, Jessica Pegula sister Kelly Pegula’s net worth is yet to be estimated. However, her parents have a net worth of billions.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kim Pegula’s net worth is $8 billion, and Terrence Pegula’s is estimated at $8 billion.

Not to forget, Kelly Pegula’s sister, Jessica Pegula, has a net worth of $10 million, which is quite a successful career for a tennis player.

Born in a wealthy family, it is no wonder the children of the billionaires have had a luxurious lifestyle.


Q. What does Kelly Pegula do?

A. Jessica Pegula sister Kelly is a fashion designer.

Q. Is Kelly Pegula a billionaire?

A. Her net worth is yet to be estimated.

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