Angel Laketa Moore Net Worth: How Much She Earns?

Paddling in various niches and floating up as victorious is one amazing life occurring. Angel Laketa is a protagonist who secured triumph in every card she chose!

Figuring out Angel Laketa Moore Net Worth, this very read!

Let’s Get To Know This Amazing Woman: Angela Laketa Moore

Angel Laketa Moore is an American actress, writer, and YouTuber born in Baltimore, MD, on July 3, 1980.

Moore is a passionate YouTube adjoining critical uprising surge in her channel growth and acting expertise, acclaimed for her roles in Independence Day: Resurgence, Bad Times at the El Royale, and Heckle or Hell.

Angel’s YouTube channel “That Chick Angel TV ” has over 1,62,000 subscribers, an astonishing 1.8k videos, and a cumulative 40 million views.

Angel Laketa Moore Net Worth
Angel Laketa Moore Net Worth. Image Credit: Instagram.

She is American and belongs to the Afro-American ethnicity, being the youngest in her family and sharing three elder sisters.

The Youtuber’s bold personality is as transparent and uncovered as a crystal, the reference being her social media title ‘That chick,” which she loves being dubbed. She’s very bold, isn’t she?

Moore’s merchandise “I’m that chick merch” is her active embodiment of the undaunted acclaim of her advocating the world to buy her fantastic personality through clothing.

As brilliant of a move as it is to fill in those pockets and sell some merch, Angel Laketa Moore Net Worth, surges per merch traded.

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Angel Lakera Moore Education And Career Pinnacles

The 43-year-old actress, singer, and just a flamboyant empress in general attended the University of Kentucky, where she secured a BA in Theatre Degree.

Like screen-writer and actress Annie Mumolo, Angel earned an MFA in acting from the University of California at Irvine.

Such education geared her career to a smooth 1st drive, unlocking the portal to an acting career where Angel Laketa Moore Net Worth would build over time.

Angel’s on-screen debut happened in 2006, acting in the TV series ER until 2009 when she diverged into more stupendous roles as she learned and earned.

Angel Laketa Moore Net Worth
Angel Laketa Moore Net Worth. Image Credit: Instagram.

Angel was recently honored with the “Outstanding Social Media Personality Award” at the 2024 NAACP Image Awards held on March 16, 2024.

The actress has proven her expertise in feature films such as 23 Blast, Fifty Shades of Black, Moments of Clarity, Independence Day: Resurgence, and Bad Times at the El Royale.

American Nightmares, Angie Tribeca, Malibu Rescue, 9-1-1, AJ and the Queen, and B Positive are some of Moore’s movies, and we all would like to have kinder emotions of salute and recognition!

As of her current sweat, her endurance has paid off a fantastic role in the TV series Atypical since 2018.

Angel Laketa Moore Marital Status And Children

The impressive human being is experiencing golden retriever energies every day of the week thanks to her merrily married life.

Moore tied knots of eternal association with co-star Marcus Tanksley I after dating for a few years. The date of marriage isn’t, however, disclosed.

The couple frequently poses on Instagram, depicting nits and bits of their joyous co-existence and blissful company as not just a couple but a best friend, too.

Angel Laketa Moore Net Worth
Angel Laketa Moore Net Worth. Image Credit: Instagram.

Together, the couple’s marriage has bloomed four boys in the form of their sons. Twins Sai Tanksley and Kai Tanksley, Amar Tanksley, and Marcus Tanksley II make sure to jump in mommy and daddy’s jovial dorm.

Now, let’s understand how Angel Laketa Moore Net Worth operates!

Angel Laketa Moore Net Worth. How Much Does She Earn?

Angel Laketa Moore Net Worth doesn’t dart precision as per sources floating on the internet, nor has she opened up in any podcast or similar manner of disclosure.

However, Angel’s glamorous acting fees indeed guarantee her wealthy fortunes, as each movie accomplishes. Other sources pile her dollar papers, too! Social media personalities such as David Dobrik, Jameela Jamil, and Carlacia Grant have achieved similar feats.

Angel Laketa Moore Net Worth
Angel Laketa Moore Net Worth. Image Credit: Social Media.

As per the calculations by Social Blade, Moore’s YouTube channel generates an estimated monthly income of $547 – $8.7K, summing the yearly earning spectrum to $6.6K – $104.9K. The higher end is definitely a treat!

Not to miss Angel Laketa Moore Net Worth would firmly credit whopping volumes through her Merchandise sales. Some of her merch along price is drafted below:

Products Price
Hydra-Derm Clay Mask $18
Mama Likes Faux Leather Tote Bag $70
Angel’s Wings Water Bottle With Infuser $15

Table Source: shopmamalikes

We Wish the actress, singer, entrepreneur, wife, and mom cartons of best wishes, hoping for success as her journey flourishes. Signing off!


Q. What shows has that Chick Angel been in?

A. She has been in NBC’s ER, Atypical on Netflix, TNT’s SouthLAnd, ABC’s Black-ish, ShowTime’s Shameless, and Disney’s Good Luck Charlie 

Q. How many kids does that Chick Angel have?

A. She is a mother to 4 boys.

Q. Does Angel Laketa Moore have a daughter?

A. No, she doesn’t have a daughter.

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