Unveiling Juliette Labous Net Worth: A Look Into Her Financial Achievements

The world of women’s cycling continues to evolve. Younger talents such as Juliette Labous have been shifting their gears to navigate on an open road and challenging terrain.

Why don’t we look at Juliette Labous net worth and see if her cycling career is a rewarding one? The French native currently rides for UCI Women’s Team DSM-Firmenich.

Meet The Fanciable French Cyclist

  • Juliette Labous was born on November 4, 1998, in Roche-lez-Beaupre, France.
  • In 2015, Juliette began her junior road championship journey and set impressive records.
  • In 2016, Juliette came third at the UCI Road World Junior and UEC European Junior Road Championships.
  • Labous studied at IUT Besancon-vesoul from 2015 until 2018. Since January 2017, she has been a cyclist of Team DSM-Firmenich.

Trails Ranks and Prize Money: Source of Wealth

As the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) constantly works to improve women’s cycling, athletes have received a desirable income from their careers.

Juliette Labous Net Worth
Juliette Labous Net Worth. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons (Author: Hoebele).

Besides money and rewards, Juliette Labous gets free products/gear/parts from various brands. But we must consider that contract negotiations in cycling are notoriously secretive.

As per reports, the average salary of female cyclists ranges from €60,000-€100,000 per year. Likewise, Juliette may make more money as she has already won multiple high-profile races.

Brand Endorsements and Sponsorships: Side Business

World Teams are the sport’s top tier, and the teams get automatic entry to every race on the World Tour calendar, including Grand Tours like the Tour de France. Let’s know the salaries riders at each level can make.

Juliette Labous Net Worth
Juliette Labous Net Worth. Image Credit: Instagram.

Professional cyclists have the option to choose whether to be self-employed independent contractors or full-blown employees of a team. Cyclists can choose between more money in the packet and other benefits like insurance and holidays.

As per the reports in 2021, the minimum salary for male World Team riders was €40,045 (employed) or €65,673 (self-employed). However, there aren’t any concrete details about female riders’ earnings.

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Discussing Juliette Labous Net Worth

As per The Cyclist Alliance (TCA) data, 25% of riders currently receive no salary or income. Similarly, 70% of non-WorldTour riders receive less than €10,000 annually.

The same data shows that over half of the peloton still have to work or study alongside racing. Having said that, Team DSM Firmenich‘s Juliette Labous has a lucrative net worth. However, there aren’t specific details regarding her financial achievements.

Juliette Labous Net Worth
Juliette Labous Net Worth. Image Credit: Instagram.

In 2022, Juliette came seventh at the UCI Road World Championships. Likewise, she took the victory home at the 2023 UEC European Road Championships in the team relay race. In 2020, Labous won the French time trial title at 41 minutes 13 seconds, leaving behind Audrey Cordon- Ragot and Aude Biannic.

Besides the French cyclist, how about looking at the Netherlands pro cyclist Silke Smulders Net Worth?

Is There Fair Pay Between Male and Female Pro Cyclists?

Since 2018, TCA has been publishing its annual survey on female cyclists’ experiences and working conditions. The survey reveals increased financial disparity and a rise in unpaid cyclists.

Although a financial barrier exists to making a living from cycling, many riders can still not commit full-time to professional cycling.

Female cyclists face financial insecurity due to the lack of stability around their contracts, with 31% of surveyed riders being employed, 37% being self-employed, and 47% having only a year-long contract.

Despite challenges, the overall trend is positive, with salaries increasing, more riders on world tour teams, and increasing protections.

Nevertheless, Juliette Labous, with each pedal stroke, redefines the boundaries of athleticism. The tricolor cyclist challenges stereotypes and breaks the barriers as she rides.


Q: What is Juliette Labous’ net worth?

A: There isn’t exact detail about Juliette Labous’ net worth.

Q: How much is Juliette Labous’ yearly earnings?

A: Juliette Labous earns between 60,000 euros and 100,000 euros per year.

Q: Who is Juliette Labous’ partner?

A: Juliette Labous’ companion is Clément Berthet, a professional cyclist.

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