Find Out Paola Egonu Net Worth: Is She A Millionaire?

The exciting game of volleyball has seen some fantastic players over the years, such as Rachel Anne Daquis and Michelle Bartsch-Hackley. Among them is Paola Egonu, a professional volleyball player from Italy.

The Italian superstar has headlined some prestigious tournaments and championships. So, we are going to talk about her victories and their role in Paola Egonu net worth.

A Brief Overview of the Italian Player

  • Egonu was born Paola Ogechi Egonu in Cittadella, Veneto, Italy, on 18 December, 1998. She is a tall player at 6 feet 4 inches in height.
  • Paola was born to her parents, Ambrose Egonu and Eunice Egonu. Her father is Igbo from Imo State, and her mother is from Benin City. She is of Nigerian descent.
  • Similarly, the Italian national has two sisters, Angela Egonu and Andrea Egonu. Not much is known about them. However, her cousin, Terry Enweonwu, is also a volleyball star as well.
  • Egonu began playing regularly in 2015, the year she was first chosen for the Italian national team. However, she was already signed by her first club, Club Italia, when she was fifteen.
  • The professional athlete has won awards such as the 2015 U18 World Championship MVP, 2018-19 Italian League Top Scorer, and more.

Career In Volleyball Earned Her Massive Wealth

Club Career

Paola kickstarted her professional journey with Club Italia in 2013. She was a regular on the team and participated in different Italian League Cups. She played a significant role in enhancing the club’s rank in domestic leagues.

Similarly, the Italian player decided to switch teams in 2017 and joined another Italian club, Igor Gorgonzola Novara. This switch turned out to be a massive success for the player, as she won three major tournaments.

Paola Egonu Net Worth
Paola Egonu Net Worth. Image Credit: Osvaldo Telese.

Starting with the Italian Supercup in the 2017/2018 season, the volleyball player claimed the Champions League and the Italian Cup in the 2017/18 and 2018/19 seasons. Paola Egonu net worth must have experienced an enormous surge after these victories.

Below is the list of clubs Paola has been a part of.

Clubs Duration
Club Italia 2013-2017
Igor Gorgonzola Novara 2017-2019
Prosecco Doc Imoco Volley Conegliano 2019-2022
VakifBank 2022-2023
Allianz Vero Volley Milano 2023-present

Table Source: Women Volleybox

Furthermore, Paola left the club after the 2018/19 season and played for two clubs between 2019 and 2022. With Prosecco Doc Imoc Valley Conegliano, she became the Club World Champion for the first time in 2020. Currently, she is a team member of Allianz Vero Volley Milano.

National Career

Egonu was a star player from her early days. That was the reason why she was chosen to be a part of the Italian National Team in 2016.

The Cittadella native won the best outside spiker title while competing in the Europe Olympic Qualification event for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Even though she was only 17, Egonu was among Italy’s top players.


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Paola is one of the catalysts in the Italian team, claiming gold medals at the Montreux Volley Masters, European Championships, and Volleyball Nations League in 2018, 2021, and 2022, respectively.

Therefore, earning from these winnings must have skyrocketed Paola Egonu net worth even higher.

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Earnings From Modeling and Endorsements – Enhancing the Income Sources

The Italian national is earning a decent amount of money from her professional career. But does it stop there? Does she have some other sources to earn money? The answer is yes.

Paola has signed brand endorsement deals with L’Angelica Italia, an Italian herbal production company. Similarly, she is the brand ambassador for Equal Jersey.

Paola Egonu Net Worth
Paola Egonu Net Worth. Image Credit: Instagram.

Furthermore, the professional player is also a model and has modeled for famous brands such as Emporia Armani, Giorgio Armani, and many more. Also, she worked as a voice-over artist for the animated movie Soul, where she gave voice to Dreamwind for the Italian version.

Therefore, it is evident that the Italian volleyball star is making headlines both inside the court and outside. This indeed brings a considerable fortune to Paola.

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Explore Paola Egonu Net Worth – Is She A Millionaire?

Most of the women volleyball players, such as Justine Wong-Orantes and Tayyiba Haneef-Park, have kept their wealth secret from the public. Paola is also doing the same by not revealing her exact fortune.

Paola Egonu Net Worth
Paola Egonu Net Worth. Image Credit: Instagram.

However, according to various websites, a professional volleyball player earns around $35,000 yearly. In the case of Egonu, with multiple wins and medals, she must have tucked some more money into her bank account.

Still, the bottom line reads: Paola Egonu net worth is undisclosed as of November 2023.

Therefore, we wish this amazing player all the best in her personal and professional life and hope she wins more trophies and medals in the future.


Q: What is Paola Egonu’s nationality?

A: Paola Egonu is an Italian.

Q: What is Paola Egonu’s height?

A: Paola is 6 feet 4 inches tall.

Q: What is Paola Egonu’s current club?

A: Egonu currently plays for the Italian club Allianz Vero Volley Milano.

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