Hilarious Reactions After Liza Koshy Stumbled At Academy Awards

Hilarious Reactions After Liza Koshy Stumbled At Academy Awards

Liza Koshy stumbled. Image Credit: Instagram.

The red carpet has since forever witnessed events turning into worldwide tattles, and as “Liza Koshy stumbled,” this 96th red carpet, my oh my, did it station a flashy news.

Today, we discuss the fall and how Liza’s reaction followed!

How did Liza Koshy Stumbled At 96th Red Carpet?

Fresh and frosted with news, Liza Koshy slipped, tripped, and landed on the soft fabrics of the red carpet at the 96th Oscars. Soft landing, we must say!

The actress did a fantastic job shrugging off the slip-up, laughed at herself, and took the whole incident feasibly and playfully, delivering jokes.

Liza Koshy Stumbled, apparently, after lending a few clicks to the photographers, fell backward on her dress, and later got help from 2 people to stand up.

She definitely knows how to handle mishaps.

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What was Liza Koshy Wearing? No doubt About the Stunner’s Choice!

As Liza Koshy Stumbled At the Academy Awards, glamour never left her side, marinating the entire fall ever so gracefully, thanks to her gorgeous fashion piece.

Koshy was wearing a red Marchesa gown and tall platform heels, which complemented the overall look perfectly.

Liza Koshy Stumbled
Liza Koshy Stumbled. Image Credit: Twitter(X).

The bodycon dress was embellished with an off-shoulder floral rose design, which was simply stunning along her towering heels of the same color.

Falling in fashion would sound fantastic if you were Liza.

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How Did She React? 

With the fall, she sarcastically exclaimed, “It was a manhole, y’all saw that, “revealing her cool head and free-going attitude, which fans loved!

Shortly after Liza Koshy stumbled, she talked to Oscars ambassador Amelia Dimoldenberg, and the topic about the fall was bannered.

“Did you see me eat it? I fell,” Koshy replied. “I’m joining a legendary group of women like J.Law who fell on the carpet,” she added.

“I made a whole moment of it. I said ‘wait a second, I’m not nominated, I’m not presenting, I gotta fall’.” Such chilled replies. There is no doubt why people adore her so much.

Liza even thanked the people who helped her; the gestures were worth much applause!

This 96th red carpet of the Oscars leveraged a lot of highlights, Liza’s being one of them. Stay tuned for more detailed stories your way; signing off!

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