Latest Details Of MatPat Retiring YouTube World

Latest Details Of MatPat Retiring YouTube World

MatPat Retiring Youtube. Image Credit: Social Media

Recently, a piece of shocking news has been circulating on the internet: MatPat retiring YouTube. The announcement came on January 10, 2024, when the famous gamer announced his retirement.

Fans are expressing their sadness in the comment box that we are losing the real ones in the YouTube community. But what if it’s a Prank?

In this detailed article, we will find out whether Mat is retiring from YouTube or if it is a harmless joke.

The Game Theorists MatPat Retiring YouTube

With the “GoodBye Internet” title, MatPat officially announced that he is taking a leave from YouTube, which took fans to tears.

MatPat started his YouTube channel, The Game Theorists, on August 24, 2009; it has been 14 years since it started.

The current fanbase of The Game Theorists is 18.5 million subscribers.

MatPat Retiring YouTube
MatPat Retiring YouTube. Image Credit: Social Media

This channel has already made a home in people’s hearts, so fans will need time to digest that. Mattew Patrick, better known as MatPat, explains in that video that he is retiring for personal reasons.

Due to being so busy with content creation, MatPat cannot spend time with his family. So, for these reasons, both couples are retiring from YouTube.

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The Couple Wants To Spend Precious Time

The social media star Mattew Patrick will quit YouTube on March 9, 2024, for personal reasons.

In contrast, some YouTubers, such as Keith Habersberger, are perfectly balancing their personal and professional career.

MatPat Retiring YouTube broke the hearts of fans, but as a husband and father of someone, Mat has the responsibility to take care of.

In the video titled “Goodbye Internet,” Patrick explained that he is not getting time to spend with his family due to being so busy with content creation.

MatPat Retiring Youtube
Image Credit: Social Media. MatPat Retiring Youtube

So, the Game Theorist has decided to take a leave from YouTube and will spend more precious time with his wife, Stephanie Patrick, and Son, Ali Patrick.

Mat’s wife, Stephanie Patrick, is also a part of his Channels as a Chief Operating Officer, so being much business in the content creation they are not getting time to have precious time with each other.

Mat has explained that he will hand over his channels, The Game Theorist, Film Theory, Food Theory, and Style Theory, to key members of the content creation team.

And after doing this, they will have a good time with each other.

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