Chandavian Bradley’s Net Worth: Breaking Down His Sources of Income

Chandavian Bradley’s Net Worth: Breaking Down His Sources of Income

Chandavian Brandley's Net Worth. Image Source: Instagram.

Chandavian Bradley is a rising star blessed with a good physique standing at 6’5″. The footballer is currently playing edge for the University of Tennessee.

Here we will be having a look into Chandavian Bradley’s net worth. So, keep up with us as we quickly tour the footballer’s life.

Chandavian Bradley: A Bit About The Footballer

  • Chandavian Bradley’s success as a football prospect is attributed to his perseverance and hard work.
  •  He has dedicated countless hours to enhancing his skills and preparing for competitions.
  •  It is no surprise that Bradley surpasses everyone on the field, but it’s worth noting that physicality alone won’t have helped him outperform his peers without consistent improvement.
  •  The highly-regarded player spent an extended period as a pass rusher under the care of Coach Bill Utz.
  • Despite facing numerous failures and obstacles, his love for soccer has not decreased in the slightest.
  •  His drive for self-improvement both on and off the field made him an attractive recruit.

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Nailed His High School Career

Chandavian is an accomplished pass rusher widely regarded for his exceptional skills. He has been recognized by top recruitment agencies in his position as one of the leading 120 players.

As the captain of Platte County High School‘s defense team, Chandavian led his team to consecutive playoff appearances during the 2020 and 2021 seasons.

Notably, the team also played at the Missouri Class 5A state championship game in 2020.


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Bradley impressively recorded six forced fumbles, twenty-three sacks, and six pass breakups during his prep career.

Bradley proved himself to be invaluable to both offense and defense, with twelve catches amounting to 401 yards, bolstered by nine touchdowns on offensive play.

Honoring Chandavian’s extraordinary talent, ESPN ranked him No.59 among all recruits nationally.

Due to this, his fans expect this four-star recruit to keep on excelling in college football based on his current performance.

Chandavian Bradley’s Net Worth

With his exceptional skills, Chandavian Bradley, a prominent football player, has been causing ripples in the football industry.

His remarkable achievements have garnered him an enormous fan base and vast amounts of wealth.

Though there are no specific details regarding Chandavian Bradley’s net worth available to the public, it can be safely postulated that he has amassed substantial riches through various means.

Notably, a large chunk of Chandavian Bradley’s earnings is covered by NIL valuation exceeding $121K yearly, which is a lucrative sum for an emerging athlete.

Additionally, this talented sportsman enjoys support from scholarships as well as endorsement and sponsorship deals which contribute significantly to his overall opulence.

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Lifestyle And Assets

Having accumulated a significant amount of wealth, it can be assumed that Chandavian Bradley is leading a comfortable lifestyle.

Perhaps he indulges in collecting high-end watches or owning luxurious cars as an athlete with such affluence might do so.

However, despite his fame and fortune, Bradley prefers to maintain a modest existence by keeping his personal and professional life separate.

Chandavian Brandley's Net Worth
Chandavian Brandley’s Net Worth. Image Source: Instagram.

On social media platforms, the footballer mostly showcases his journey as an athlete while occasionally providing glimpses into his private affairs.

This not only highlights the player’s preference for living low-key but also exemplifies appreciation towards followers by sharing updates about career progression while wanting privacy at times.

Trivia And Facts

  • Chandavian ranks at 149 position in HS Football NIL Rank.
  • He has over 8K followers on Instagram and over 7.5K on Twitter account.
  • Bradley weighs around 215 pounds.

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