Revealing Jim Crawley Jockey Net Worth From His Remarkable Career

Revealing Jim Crawley Jockey Net Worth From His Remarkable Career

Jim Crawley Jockey Net Worth. Image Credit: Social Media.

Horse riding might be a fun recreation for some people as a form of refreshment from mundane things in life, but for Jim Crawley, it’s his passion, career, and also a way to make money and earn a livelihood.

So, let’s dive into this amazing jockey’s life and find out how much he has earned from his illustrious career and reveal everything there is to know about Jim Crawley Jockey Net Worth.

Get To Know the Professional Jockey

  • Jim Crawley was born on 14 July 1978 in Ascot, England. He grew up with his parents, who owned horse livery yards. He left school when he was sixteen, moved out of his parents’ house, and got a job as a stablehand.
  • Before focusing on the Flat in 2006, Crowley rode more than 300 victories over jumps. He probably doesn’t have any regrets. With more than 2,000 victories, the jockey was crowned champion in 2016.
  • For more than four years, the Jockey has served as Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum‘s top rider. And in 2020, he had the most victories of any rider, with six in the QIPCO British Champions Series.
  • Crowley experienced yet another successful year in 2021. His strike rate for the year was 20%, as before, only two of his 22 rides on QIPCO British Champions Day had resulted in victories.
  • Crawley is married to his beautiful wife Lucinda Crawley and has three children: one son, Sam Crawley, and two daughters, Bella Crawley and Alice Crawley.

Prize Money is the Primary Source of His Income

Prize money has always been the deciding factor in a jockey’s earnings. The same is true for Jim, as he also earned his livelihood through his races and money raised from them.

The British jockey’s earnings totaled up to $9 million from 2004 to 2014, during which he participated in more than 6,000 races and occupied wins in over a thousand.

Jim Crawley Jockey Net Worth
Jim Crawley Jockey Net Worth. Image Credit: Social Media.

Similarly, Jim Crawley’s earnings boosted up to $30 million from 2015 to 2023, which was a massive surge in a jockey’s earnings. He raced in over 4000 races and won over 700 of them.

However, the jockey did not take all of the earnings as he was only entitled to a certain percentage of the win. Still, he must have collected a decent amount of money, considering his wins totaled multi-million dollars.

Jim Crawley jockey net worth was highly influenced by his winnings, and he must have accumulated a significant amount of money in his bank account.

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Earned $42000 in Just 90 Seconds: A Jockey’s Life

Is it possible to earn $42000 in just 90 seconds for a normal person? But the Ascot native bagged the exact amount of money in 2014 after winning a race.

In 2014, Jim participated in a Champions’s Day race, which lasted about 90 seconds. He received a commission of $42,000 from the prize money. He said that that was the most he had ever earned per minute.

Thanks to his impressive earnings, the champion jockey rides an Audi A8 he bought in 2014 for $48,000. Similarly, he also owns a five-bedroom family house in Sussex, converted from an old stone barn.

Jim Crawley Jockey Net Worth
Jim Crawley Jockey Net Worth. Image Credit: Social Media.

Additionally, a pension program for all jockeys has been established by the Professional Jockeys Association and is supported by a 0.6% deduction from the total purse for racing.

This pension program is going to fill in Jim Crawley jockey’s wealth for the entirety of his life, even after his retirement. So, the jockey has a wonderful life ahead of him post-retirement.

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Explore Jim Crawley Jockey Net Worth

Jim has created an impressive career over the course of fifteen years and has won multiple races and championships. So, What is Jim Crawley Jockey net worth?

Jim Crawley Jockey Net Worth
Jim Crawley Jockey Net Worth. Image Credit: Social Media.

To answer the question, the Englishman’s net worth is still undisclosed. He has collected a decent amount of money from races and prize money, but the exact figure of his fortune is still under the radar.

In conclusion, we wish this amazing horserider all the best in his future endeavors in his personal and professional life and hope to see him riding a horse very soon.


1. Where was Jim Crawley born?

Jim Crawley was born in Ascot, Berkshire, England.

2. Is Jim Crawley married?

Yes, Jim is married to his gorgeous wife, Lucinda Crawley.

3. How tall is Jim Crawley?

Jim is 5 feet 7 inches tall.

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