5 Essential Factors To Consider Before Embarking on the Tamolitch Blue Pool Hike

Some moments take your breath away and stay with you forever. In Oregon, the Tamolitch Falls, popularly known as Blue Pool, has become one of the most beloved hiking trails in the McKenzie River valley.

The coastal wonders around this magical pool full of crystal clear blue water is a travel one should definitely not miss. So, we present you with the ultimate guide to the Tamolitch Blue Pool hike located in the Northwest region.

A Few Drop-Offs For the New Hikers

  • Tamolitch Blue Pool is a stunning natural wonder in the Willamette National Forest in Oregon, USA. It is located approximately 65 miles east of Eugene, Oregon.
  • The word Tamolitch’s original meaning is a bucket in Chinook. At present, the pool’s clear water draws hundreds of hikers, photographers, and mountain bikers.
  • The pool is known for its brilliant blue color, resulting from the unique way the McKenzie River flows into the pool.
  • Before embarking on the Tamolitch Blue Pool hike, several necessary factors must be considered to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

5. Research the Conditions: There Are Two Totally Different Trails

First and foremost, understand the current trail conditions before you embark on a hike to Tamolitch Falls. Pre-checking for any trail closures, maintenance, or potential hazards is always beneficial.

Tamolitch Blue Pool Hike
Tamolitch Blue Pool Hike. Image Credit: Bonnie Moreland.

But remember to plan your visit accordingly and arrive either early or late in the day when there is less traffic. Just remember these words of wisdom by Mark Twain: Explore, Dream, Discover.

So, don’t be afraid to sail away from a safe harbor and catch the trade winds in your sails.

Hiking Trail #1

The most common starting point for the hike is the Tamolitch Falls Trailhead. You’ll need to take the McKenzie Highway (Highway 126) east of Eugene to get there. After driving past McKenzie Bridge, watch for signs indicating the trailhead.

The trailhead is located near Trail Bridge Campground. It runs along the Mackenzie River, so you can enjoy breathtaking views while making the two-mile trek toward your diving spot.

The trail takes you through a beautiful forested area. Likewise, be prepared for some rocky and uneven terrain, especially in the latter part of the trail.

Hiking Trail #2

The other trailhead starts at the Carmen Smith Reservoir. The trail can be accessed from 3.3 miles north. Did you know? The 3-mile portion was produced as a result of the Belnap Carter‘s lava flow between the reservoir and the blue pool.

Before or after your cliff diving experience, you can enjoy some of Willamette National Forest’s other activities, including a recreation trail and several campgrounds.

4. You Can Hike at the Blue Pool All Year

Yes, the Tamolitch Blue Pool hike is accessible year-round. However, the best time to visit is during the late spring and in the summer when the weather is more favorable.

The pool’s vibrant blue color is most striking on sunny days. It looks like a gemstone placed in the middle of a sound forest. The scenery will definitely take your breath away.

Tamolitch Blue Pool Hike
Tamolitch Blue Pool Hike. Image Credit: Thomas Shahan.

The Tamolitch Blue Pool hike is considered moderate, but it’s essential to be aware of your fitness level and the conditions of the trail, including any steep or rocky sections.

Likewise, be sure to check the weather forecast before your hike and dress accordingly. Bring water, snacks, and appropriate hiking gear. If you plan to visit during the colder months, be prepared for potential rain and snow on the trail.

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3. Permits and Regulations: Is the Water at the Blue Pool Really Cold?

Like most hiking destinations, the Tamolitch Blue Pool hike doesn’t have any hiking permits. However, there is a $5 parking day use fee. Also, check if any permits are required for the hike. Some areas may have permit regulations to manage the number of visitors and protect the environment.

Another important regulation you must follow is a leave no-trace principle. Tamolitch Blue Pool is ecologically sensitive, and the surrounding area is a delicate ecosystem. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with and adhere to regulations to protect the natural environment.

While the water in Tamolitch Blue Pool may look inviting, swimming is not recommended due to the year-round cold temperatures. The pool is also ecologically sensitive, and entering the water can disturb the delicate ecosystem.

2. Safety Precautions: What to do if You Have Kids?

As said earlier, the lush forest of evergreen trees surrounding this swimming hole has crystal-clear blue water. Though the cliffs range between 10 and 60 feet tall, you can find the best area for jumping about 20 feet above the water.

Here, fewer large rocks and smaller cliffs get in your way of a deep dive. Tell someone about your hiking plans, including your expected start and return times.

In case of an emergency, this information can be crucial. If you take your kids on a regular hike, then they will surely enjoy this amazing experience. However, avoid swimming in the pool to prevent disturbance.

1. Preserve the Experience For You and Future Visitors.

Always remember to conserve your surroundings. The highlight of the hike is reaching the Tamolitch Blue Pool itself, where the water is incredibly clear and has a stunning blue color.

Remember to stay on designated trails, pack out all trash, and avoid disturbing wildlife.

Tamolitch Blue Pool Hike
Tamolitch Blue Pool Hike. Image Credit: Social Media.

Always check for any trail updates or closures before heading out.

By carefully considering these factors, you can help ensure a safe and responsible hiking experience at Tamolitch Blue Pool. So, just go out there and explore Oregon’s stunning hiking spot.


Q: Can you swim in the Tamolitch Falls Blue Pool?

A: You can swim, but diving is not recommended.

Q: How long is the hike to Tamolitch Falls Blue Pool?

A: The hike will take you around 1.5-2 hours. 

Q: What can you do at Blue Pool?

A: You can visit the nearby sports such as Sahalie and Koosah Falls, Clear Lake, or you can camp nearby.

Q: How high is the cliff jump in Blue Pool, Oregon?

A: The cliffs in Blue Pools range from 10 to 60 feet tall.

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