What It’s Like To Date Travis Barker’s Daughter Alabama Barker ?

What It’s Like To Date Travis Barker’s Daughter Alabama Barker ?

Alabama Barker is rumored to be dating a teen American rapper. Image Source: travisbarker Instagram.

Travis Barker is a famous musician from the United States who plays drums for the rock group Blink-182. Additionally, he frequently collaborates with hip-hop musicians on stage. Barker is a member of the rap rock band Transplants and cofounded the rock group +44.

Apart from his career as a successful rapper, Travis is a dad of two children, Landon Barker, and Alabama Barker. His younger daughter, Alabama, has been establishing herself as an internet influencer. People have a keen interest in her personal life, particularly her love life. So, let’s learn about Alabama Barker’s boyfriend and discover what it’s like to date her.

Her Love Life

Alabama Barker is the youngest daughter of Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler, former miss USA 1995 runner-up. She was born in California, United States, on December 24, 2005. She and the Kardashian family are becoming close following her dad’s engagement with Kourtney Kardashian. Barker entered the spotlight following success as a TikTok celebrity, internet influencer, and promising singer. Even though she has been in the spotlight, Barker has not shared many personal details. So, is it possible that Alabama, a well-known Star kid, is single?

The popular content creator is not dating anyone, as per the reports mentioned by Popbuzz. However, the opposite has been claimed by several other websites online. Alabama is reportedly dating another teenage social media influencer from the United States. These rumors still need to be verified, though. So, let’s dig a little deeper to discover whether Alabama Barker boyfriend is a teen influencer.

Alabama Barker Boyfriend

Alabama Barker’s rumored lover goes by the handle @girlzluhdev on TikTok, though this is unconfirmed. He has 136.17K followers on TikTok and describes himself as the chilli monster in his profile. According to reports, Alabama Barker’s boyfriend is 17 years old and started dating Alabama during his senior year. The TikTok celebrity’s boyfie is a rapper from California who has been hustling to make a name for himself.

The aspiring musician also has maintained a strong YouTube presence, with 30k people subscribing to his channel as of 2023. The young artist is labeled a former basketball player and singer on his Spotify website. In addition, his first song, Tooka, became very popular.

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Dances With Her Rumored Lover

Alabama Barker has drawn much more attention since being linked with The Kardashians. People had a lot of comments when she posted a clip with her rumored boyfriend on TikTok, which seemed quite intimated. Alabama Barker’s boyfriend on the video left a heart emoji comment after Travis Barker’s daughter posted the video of them dancing passionately.

Alabama Barker Boyfriend
Alabama Barker shares a passionate TikTok video with her rumored boyfriend. Image Source: e_z_money8 TikTok.

The clip was uploaded in March 2022 and was captioned that the couple will make the world mad again. Although Alabama has posted some additional clips on TikTok with her male buddies, she typically makes it clear in the captions that they are simply friends. But in this dancing video, the 17-year-old and her rumored partner seemed to be more than simply friends and appeared to share a romantic bond.

Similarly, Maisie Peters is another aspiring singer who has gained a lot of public attention in recent times.

What It’s Like To Date Alabama Barker?

Alabama Barker is a famous social media influencer and the daughter of popular rapper Travis Barker, as mentioned above. Therefore, dating her must attract a lot of attention from people. Barker is a gorgeous young lady who seems to be quite jolly. However, given the fame she and her family have, it must be challenging to keep the relationship private.

This meant that the person she is dating couldn’t go on vacation with her or even go for a walk on the beach. She must have a busy schedule, so each free moment must be precious. Furthermore, all the media attention and paparazzi surrounding Alabama might not be the cup of tea for everyone.

All in all, Alabama’s parents must be pleased with what she is doing now. She must be living a happy and comfortable life. We wish her the best in the near future and expect to hear more about her personal and professional lives.

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